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After the international break Avispa return to Level-5 stadium with hopes of trying to maintain the form which has seen them win 2 games in a row.
Looking at the run-in it always looked like they might be able to get some wins at the end of the season, but after leaving it too late to start their run it is almost certainly a vain effort. If they had beaten Ventforet Kofu 4 games ago instead of being weakly beaten I may have still been hopeful.

After winning in the Emperor’s Cup they will face Vegalta Sendai in the next round, and play the same opposition in the league this week.
Vegalta have had a good season this year after the horrific events of March, but were very lucky to beat Avispa at home after a horrible decision by the referee to allow a goal after Kamiyama was elbowed off the ball under a high ball.

In that game Avispa had more than held their own, and I am hopeful that at home they should be able to clock up a 3rd win in a row. Vegalta are quite a good team for Avispa to play with solid attack and defence, rather than a quick passing game which seems to be too much for our defence.

I expect Nakamachi to be back in the team despite the manager wanting to keep a winning team. After playing and scoring against Kochi I think that 3 games out of the team will be too much for the club captain with Suzuki Jun likely to drop to the bench (perhaps unfairly). Shigematsu and Jogo to continue up front please.

My Prediction

Avispa 3 – 0 Vegalta Sendai

Very optimistic to predict a blow-out result in bottom vs. 6th, but I think that the League doesn’t tell the full story with these two teams at the moment.
Sendai had an amazing start to the season and are entitled to run out of steam a bit. Avispa have been playing well and know that they are relegated as soon as they don’t win a game.


Posted October 14, 2011 by avispafukuoka in Preview

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