vs. Omiya Ardija (preview)   2 comments

After last week’s win the team will be thinking that maybe they can pull off 2 wins out of 2 with an away match with Omiya Ardija, one of the teams which we beat at Level-5 stadium earlier in the season.

We also beat the last year in the Emperors Cup away from home, and they have a fairly terrible record in their home stadium this season. All things are pointing to a possible Avispa win, which means they will probably end up losing and ‘secure’ mathematical relegation.

Both teams won last weekend (under a suspicion of some irregularity from some people – something I doubt but don’t totally dismiss) and will be going all out to record another in efforts to try and escape relegation.

Asano has a very big decision to make regarding team selection. He has usually kept the team the same after a victory, but that would mean a second game on the bench for Nakamachi. 1 game away can be dressed up as giving someone a rest, 2 games is clearly being dropped. As Nakamachi came on last week and asked Daiki for the Captain’s armband after sitting watching him get the team into a winning position I saw someone who wants to be the main man whether he deserves it or not.

My Prediction
Omiya 1 – 0 Avispa

A reverse of the game earlier in the season. I think Omiya will take a lead just before half time and then spend the second half trying to nervously defend a result which will give them breathing space over relegation.


Posted October 1, 2011 by avispafukuoka in Preview

2 responses to “vs. Omiya Ardija (preview)

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  1. Congratulations on your win today. Some dubious ref decisions but still a well deserved win by your guys. Liked the hustle from Yamagata today and Jogo looks like a whole new man under your new boss. Good luck with the rest of the season, hopefully you can help us out by pasting the Reds when they visit.

    Steve “Agent Orange” Barme from GGOA…..Fukuoka’s second favorite team!

  2. You’ll be ok this season I reckon.

    Can’t see any of the bottom 3 picking up more points than you.

    Jogo is so frustrating, could be one of the best forwards in the league if his head was sorted.

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