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Kamiyama – 5 Actually pulled off some really good blocks in the game, but you can’t really look beyond the terrible mistake within the first 3 minutes which immediately changed anything Avispa may have been working towards.

Kim Min Je – 7 Still the greatest source of balls into the box. I really hope we can keep him next year, the best player at the club at the moment.

Tatsunori – 6 Not showing the energy he has done at times this season, but must be hard at times to keep that pace. Hasn’t let anyone down this season.

Daiki – 5 Level has dropped just when the team needed him most. Gone from being one of the 2 most important players at the club to someone I wouldn’t mind not being around next year.

Yamaguchi – 5 Central defence is the biggest problem to be addressed at the moment. No young players to bring in, older players likely to leave. Yamaguchi is OK for J2 level.

Suzuki – 5 Totally anonymous. Playing against the team 1 place above who were also in J2 last season he did nothing outside of set-pieces. May have lost his spot to Sueyoshi.

Nakamachi – 6 Scored 1 goal which should have stood, but generally disappointing. Whatever happened to him under the pressure at Shonan may be happening again now. When the going is tough he needs to step up, not go into hiding.

Yusuke – 5 Same comment every week. His skill is his pace, turn the defence and use balls into the corner to make space in the middle as defenders cover him.

Naruoka – 5 Not sure of I want him to stay next year. part of me thinks that he may be able to show his class against lower opposition, part of me thinks he’ll never be anything beyond a luxury.

Matsuura – 6 One of the better players, and shows some heart, but doesn’t really ever achieve anything. Has won fouls holding the ball up, and scored 1 goal, but does he have any other assists this season?

Hideya – 6 Put the ball at his feet in or around the box and he can score. That happened once in this game, did almost nothing else.

Jogo – 6 correctly dropped, but dropped for the wrong player. Did OK when he came on making a goal immediately, but had other chances where he thought too much.

Sueyoshi – 6 An improvement on Suzuki Jun, and probably did enough to get a start against Sanfrecce.

Miyaji – 6 Did nothing good or bad, may be at the club next season due to our problems in defence and his versatility.

Asano – 5 Any plan he may have had went out of the window after 3 minutes due to Kamiyama. That said, his plan was wrong in the first place. Playing in the pouring rain he kept short game players like Naruoka and Hideya in the team, while having access to the more direct Ramazotti/Shigematsu combination.


Posted September 21, 2011 by avispafukuoka in Opinion

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