vs. Yokohama F Marinos (ratings)   1 comment

Rokutan – 6 Didn’t really have a save to make all game, but was positioned well for the most part. Needed to be more dominant at corners.

Kim Min Je – 7 Really glad he is back in the team, and he continued to do well despite being left unprotected by Matsuura at times. Still the best crosser in the team, endless energy, and laid a chance on a plate for Naruoka to scuff wide.

Tatsunori – 6 The team look better when he is playing, but over-shadowed a bit by Kim on the opposite wing.

Daiki – 5 When the team needed him to play out of his skin he has dropped a level. Looks like he has accepted relegation at times. Has to accept some blame for the goal as he could have cleared the ball which led to the corner.

Yamaguchi – 7 I was worried when I saw he was in the team, but he did well and provides some welcome height. A couple of great tackles and track-backs. Should have scored, but isn’t really expected to be that composed in the box.

Nakamachi – 6 The first time I’ve seen him substitutes when it seemingly wasn’t due to injury. Started well, breaking into the box with a couple of chances, but was anonymous for large parts of the game.

Suzuki – 6 The 2 in midfield just doesn’t work. We are getting swamped every game, and with the wingers not turning the defence it means Suzuki just doesn’t have the time he needs to play.

Matsuura – 6 looked better at the end of the game when he went central, but when he is on the wing he still tries to drift inside and lets the opposing right back help in defence.

Naruoka – 5 Always has the potential to magic a goal from almost nothing, and can beat a man with his brain, but we need graft at the moment not behind the back flick passes.

Jogo – 5 See Naruoka. At times nice to watch, but mostly very frustrating. Was marking the player who got the header for their goal.

Yusuke – 6 Same comment every week. Run beyond the full-back and use your pace to stretch the defence. you will get chances from it, and Jogo will have more space to play. Never did this, but played ok in what he was doing (albeit the wrong thing).

Shigematsu – 6 Didn’t get much of a chance apart from hitting a free-kick straight at the wall.

Ramazotti – 7 Slow and immobile, but was trying hard and will get better. Caused a lot of problems aerially and gets flick-ons more often than not.

Hideya – 6 A really good player to play with Ramazotti as he shoots from many angles, doesn’t need a perfect bounce, and has a good cross on him. Needs to practice reading flick-ons.

Asano – 7 The team was close to what is out best team, and they were playing a much more direct game which limited chances for the opposition. Needs to now make the difficult decision of starting without Jogo and/or Naruoka.


Posted September 12, 2011 by avispafukuoka in Opinion

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  1. Good night! First I want to congratulate you for the coverage of the games that you devote to the team Avispa Fukuoka. His blog is full and I access frequently. I would like to ask you a favor … I try to follow the games of the Wasp, but so far I have not found a site that broadcasts the games. Can you tell me some link that I can watch the games, please? Thanks for the posts and congratulations once again! Big hug …

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