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Can’t find any highlights from the game this week, but it is pretty painful viewing anyway.

Rokutan –5 Didn’t actually do too much wrong, was just horribly exposed. Still let in 6 goals and can’t be too thrilled about that.

Wada – 4 Has done alright recently, but the time must have come for Kim Min Je after being too narrow. Was till trying, but his crossing is poor.

Miyaji – 3 His first opportunity to show what he can do in J1 and was totally out of his depth. Bottom half J2 player.

Daiki – 3 Hopeless. Looked to have given up at times, and may as well go back to Gamba if he has. On totally different lines to Kobara at times and muscled off the ball embarassingly for the 6th goal.

Kobara – 4 Still looked to be trying, but not got the quality on his own if Daiki is playing really badly.

Suzuki Jun – 5 Didn’t take the opportunity to show he should be first choice to play alongside Nakamachi. Poor delivery on set pieces.

Nakamachi – 5 Needed to be playing 10m ahead of where he was to move the play higher up the pitch and give options from defence. Should be banned from taking 3 touches in his own half, it puts too much pressure on the shaky defence.

Naruoka – 6 Was asked to play right wing and couldn’t do it. Looked better in the middle, and made one good chance for himself with a piece of individual skill but snatched at it a bit.

Matsuura – 7 The one thing learned from the game against Kobe was to have him playing centrally. Worked hard, forced fouls and was generally our best player.

Hideya – 4 We were playing with 10 players at times as Hideya strolled around waiting for the ball while we headed towards 3-0 down.

Jogo – 4 If Hideya made it like playing with 10, Jogo made it like playing with 9. His head has gone and he needs time off if he isn’t able to run through it.

Shigematsu – 6 Was trying at least, but not getting any help and sometimes trying to do too much.

Yusuke – 6 gave us a better option on the right, but when we bring on a 1.9m striker that is the time to put in crosses in the air. At a time when it would have been useful he stopped doing this.

Ramazotti – 5 Good to see him come on, but I think he is still a long way from match fitness. Looked slow and didn7t hold the ball up well. Not a good match to have a debut.

Asano – 3 Did the match against Kobe count for nothing? Going 2-0 down and then letting your defence pass the ball around among themselves. Letting Nakamachi come back into the half to try and get the ball. Leaving Shigematsu and Kim Min Je on the bench. Needs to learn fast from mistakes.


Posted August 30, 2011 by avispafukuoka in Opinion

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