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These ratings are an average for the whole match. You could subtract 2 for almost all players to get their first half ratings, and add 2 for their second half.

Rokutan – 7 Everyone will remember the goal from Shigematsu to get the draw, but if Rokutan hadn’t done a great point-blank save in the 92nd minute the match would have been over.

Tatsunori – 6 Has done well so far this season, and always puts in an honest performance. Average tonight.

Wada – 7 Least to blame for the passing aruond defence in the first half. Switched to right fullback and continued to do well. Provided assist for 2nd goal.

Daiki – 5 The main culprit in trying to pass the ball around defence. If he wants to get involved in attack then he should break forward and supplement midfield, not try to act as some sort of playmaker.

Kobara – 6 Needs to stop passing around defence, was hopefully embarrassed enough by first half he will have learned. Great tackle on Okubo breaking into the box.

Jun Suzuki – 7 Re-invented himself for me tonight. I’ve been wanting him to build dynamism in attack, but put in some solid tackles in a defensive role tonight. I’ve always thought he is better than Sueyoshi in attack, tonight he was better in defence too.

Nakamachi – 6 Wanted too much time against a team playing a pressing game, responsible for the 2nd goal. Excellent in the 2nd half in a more advanced role, this is where he must play.

Yusuke – 6 Disappointing first touch at times. When Avispa have the ball I want to see him using his pace and breaking beyond the fullback for someone to try and find him with the ball in front of him.

Hideya – 5 Anonymous again. When he sees players coming on and doing better than him in his position what is he thinking? Must work harder when not in possession.

Matsuura – 7 Total difference from 1st half to 2nd half. Couldn’t beat his man in the first half, but with his ability to go either way and willingness to break he was great in a central role.

Jogo – 5 Didn’t get a touch in the first half. Flashed a difficult shot in the second, but the team looked far better after he went off.

Kim Min Je – 8 The best crosser in the team. They have to find a way of getting this guy in the team, whether it is left-back or left wing he has been one of the best players every time he has played.

Shigematsu – 8 With more time on the pitch probably would have got a 9 or 10. Fantastic energy, scares defenders every time he gets the ball, and scored an incredible goal.

Yutaka – 5 Hasn’t proved me wrong by scoring a goal this season, still hasn’t looked like scoring.

Asano – 7 Sorted the team out at half-time with what I assume must have been a strong half-time talk. Needs to make sure he learns from tonight and never sends a team out like in the first half.


Posted August 26, 2011 by avispafukuoka in Opinion

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