vs. Gamba Osaka (ratings)   1 comment

Rokutan – 6 One horrible moment when he didn’t claim a high ball which was nearly a horrible goal, but mostly ok.

Wada – 5 better in attack than defence. Another game where he was overwhelmed by wingers.

Tatsunori – 5 Both fullbacks seem to get drawn out of position at the moment. I think they are getting less help from midfield, Hideya in particular provides almost no help.

Daiki – 5 One of the worst games I have seen from him, and against his parent club. Had a good run forward at one point, but not great defensively.

Kobara – 7 Did quite a few last ditch tackles, and was involved in play when the attacks came. Should have scored from a bullet corner early on by Sueyoshi.

Sueyoshi – 6 Supposed to be providing a defensive screen to allow Nakamachi to get forward according to the pre-match analysts. Wasn’t getting close enough to people to do that.

Nakamachi – 5 Needed to step up today with the old manager gone and the chance of a fresh feeling around the club. Him and Daiki both failed to do so.

Yusuke – 6 The most threatening outlet for much of the game but still needs to be trying to play behind the fullback at all times. Play on the shoulder more.

Naruoka – 6 Seems like a luxury player who we can’t afford. Has undoubted quality, but needs to be in a team who can get the ball and hold it. He likes to pass, but his team-mates aren’t good enough to hold possession in a short passing game.

Hideya – 6 Another luxury player it seems. Doesn’t really work very hard. Has shown he can score goals when he has the ball, but hasn’t shown he can get the ball.

Yutaka – 5 Should have taken this chance to cement a first team spot in what may be his last season in the top flight ever. Didn’t threaten goal or worry the defenders in any way. Not the answer.

Matsuura – 4 Is he still injured, or just didn’t care today? Gave the ball away almost every time he got the ball.

Masato – 7 Not enough time to do much, but was showing some decent movement. The biggest highlight of the game was seeing him on the bench.

Kim – 6 Came on in a midfield role, which is something I thought would be a good idea when Matsuura was injured. He will work very hard and that is what we need more than anything else at the moment.

Asano – 6 He noticed that we need to play a striker, he noticed that Masato is one of our big hopes, he saw that Kim Min-Je might work in midfield. All good things, but he couldn’t get the top players like Daiki and Nakamachi to play their hearts out.


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