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Rokutan – 7 Made a couple of saves during the game when faced with strong shots from within the penalty area, but didn’t really have much chance with any of the goals. Really pissed off at the end of the match and could have got himself in trouble with the crowd.

Wada – 5 Really tough game facing probably the toughest opposition for a full-back in J1. If he going to play on the overlap he needs to improve his crossing.

Tatsunori – 5 Nearly all the chances for Nagoya were coming from the wings, and he fared little better than Wada. Appeared in the box for a chance.

Daiki – 6 Did pretty well 1-on-1 with Kennedy, but the defence needed better organising. Got too narrow on so many occasions. Should watch the Nagoya defenders and how they supplemented midfield as often as they could.

Kobara – 6 Difficult game, but he did well and made some good tackles and headers against the hardest opposition he’ll face.

Sueyoshi – 7 This is what he needs to be doing more often. He did make a step up in this game, and maybe I am being unfair to expect him to do it every week in his second season. More of this please.

Nakamachi – 8 makes the midfield so much more competitive, both in his skills in attack and defence, and by encouraging Sueyoshi to be more dynamic.

Shimizu – 7 A surprise inclusion, and it did help to make midfield a bit more competitive and crowded. Did well, but doesn’t have the legs to be explosive any more.

Naruoka – 7 The guy can play, and may be ‘too good’ for Avispa, but we need fewer passes and more cutting edge at the moment.

Yusuke – 6 Playing against a team like Nagoya I wanted Yusuke to be pushing the full-back back more. We were dominated on the wing as the fullbacks could advance almost at will.

Jogo – 7 Did well, and had a couple of chances to score legendary goals after taking on the whole defence, but was so isolated at times. Needed Yusuke to be busting a gut to catch up.

Shigematsu – 8 Embarrassed some of the Avispa players after he came on I thought. Ran more in 20 minutes than others did the whole match and caused so many problems for their defence by constant pressure.

Suzuki – 6 Similar to Sueyoshi he was playing with much more endeavor today, and trying to get close to the ball, but was less effective.

Hideya – 5 One of those games where he looks disinterested. A bad substitute, if things aren’t working out he doesn’t really bother.

Shinoda – 6 Everything looked right in the first half as they held Nagoya to 0-0, but in the second half it fell to pieces. Needed to work out the philosophy of the club and practice that. It looked like his philosophy was to play like Barcelona/Arsenal, but it was never going to work.


Posted August 3, 2011 by avispafukuoka in Opinion

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