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Having reached the mid-season of our first season back in J1 there is some big (and for me at least unexpected) news.

After 2 and a bit years in the job Yoshiyuki Shinoda has been sacked. It might not look like a big surprise to outsiders after suffering what might be the worst start to a J1 season in history, but among fans of the club I think most people thought he was doing a decent enough job under pretty tight financial constraints and hasn’t had a lot of luck this season.

It is clearly a planned move as Head Coach Tetsuya Asano has already been elevated to manager and will continue pretty much as things have been so far; If he keeps the same tactics and personnel it kind of asks the question why change anything.

There are also many other questions for me. Maybe it is all a bit too Machiavellian, but Asano has known Nakamachi for a long time having been one of the coaches at Shonan Bellmare before suddenly arriving at Avispa at the same time with no prior history with Avispa (unlike ex-player Shinoda).
It is fairly clear that Nakamachi (and Daiki) run the dressing room, and if Shinoda lost the support of them then he would have to go, with Nakamachi’s man ready in the wings to take over.

i hope things pick up, and the Avispa President says that he hasn’t yet given up hope of staying up, but I think it needs Asano discovering a style which will work for the team (who I think have the talent to stay up) rather than the quite aimless, intricate passing style of the season so far.

And start playing with a striker.


Posted August 3, 2011 by avispafukuoka in News

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