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We lost the game against Yamagata while I was at work, and I am quite pleased I missed it as we played pretty badly by most accounts and couldn’t break the Montedio defence despite having a bunch of chances.

Help with this might be at hand as there are strong rumours we will be signing a new Brazilian striker, arriving from Gil Vicente FC who have recently been crowned Champions in the Portuguese 2nd division. The news has been broken by Nishinihon news who are also new additions to the club having announced a sponsorship deal at the Yamagata match, claiming that it shows they are true supporters to be coming to the club while we are doing so badly.

It is quite difficult to get much information on Rafael Ramazzotti, he has been deemed so low profile that wikipedia deleted his profile page, but I’ve looked through various places to try and get some information.

He looks to be a target man striker being 193cm tall, and is only 81kg so is not a big brute of a guy. He started his career with Palmeiras, but never rose above the B team before transferring to Gil Vicente where he was used as a substitute striker during their promotion season.

Gil Vicente scored a bunch of goals en-route to promotion, of which he seems to have got 8, which is a pretty decent return for someone who wasn’t getting more than 20-30 minutes every couple of games.

He is only 22, so could be a real prospect. I hope that they have managed to get him on a 2 season contract as it is going to be too much to expect him to immediately score the goals to keep us in J1, but has enough about him to look like he might be able to score a hatful and be exactly the type of player we need as a penalty box presence in J2 next year.

Found this video of him from his Palmeiras days when his agent was presumably trying to get him a break..

Here is some trivia on the guy in a SHOOT! magazine style:
Date of Birth : 9th August 1988

Place of birth : S. Caetano do Sul – Sao Paulo, Brazil

Marital Status : Married

Previous clubs : Santo Andre, Valenciennes, Palmeiras, Gil Vicente FC

Dream as a child : To be a professional footballer

Childhood idol : Ronaldo

Hobbies : Travelling with his wife, video-games, listening to music

Favorite Movie : Clash of the Titans

Dream Car : BMW X6

Favorite drink : Fanta

Favorite food : Steak

Best ever footballer : Pele

Best footballer today : Cristiano Ronaldo

Favorite holiday : Anywhere with his wife and family

Unfulfilled dream : To be a father, play for a football club in Europe*(questions asked last season)


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