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Rokutan – 8 Probably the best game I have seen him play for us. Not faultless, but blocked a couple of good shots well and claimed a bunch of deep balls with no problems.

Wada – 7 Mikic gave him some problems at times, but he made a couple of really good last ditch tackles which probably stopped a goal.

Tatsunori – 8 Close to a 9. Similar to Wada he made a few last ditch tackles and blocks in the area, and kept his wing quiet for nearly all the game.

Daiki – 8 Limited a talented front line to a handful of clear chances. Won’t face many better strikers, and generally got the better of Lee throughout the game.

Kobara – 7 Played well again, without being as clearly dominant as Daiki. I’d like to see him be a bit more threatening from offensive free-kicks.

Sueyoshi – 7 Made a couple of bad decisions, and still not doing enough when off the ball, but his long diagonal balls are starting to find a good range.

Nakamachi – 8 Again showed what we have been missing by breaking into the box. Needs more matches to get fully match fit, he would have buried his early chance last season. Played the full 90, but it is important he is looked after until he is fully fit.

Yusuke – 8 Good in attack and helping a lot in defence. Confident enough to shoot when in the box but he probably should have pulled it back. made up for that with a great cross in the last minute which could have got all 3 points.

Naruoka – 7 Playing better, and definitely the one I would take if I had to choose between him and Jogo. Got a couple of shots on goal and fought well. I’m still not convinced he is match fit.

Matsuura – 7 Works hard, but never really looks like providing the end product; be that a goal or an assist. Should be trying to take 2 players out of the game with his skill, but often can’t get past 1.

Jogo – 6 Still in a difficult situation of being asked to play leading the line when he isn’t suited to do so. Had a good chance to score when through on goal, but doesn’t cause enough problems in the box. There are very few teams who can play without a penalty box presence, we are not one of them.

Yutaka – 6 A real striker, but doesn’t have what we need at the moment and probably wasn’t good enough for this level at his peak.

Shigematsu – 7 When he is on the pitch we look like we can score. I think he is a 1 in 3 chance striker, not the finished article but a far higher ratio than any other option.

Hideya – 5 Came on and looked exhausted despite not playing a lot of minutes. He was like this at times last season: playing with little energy when he should be demanding to be in the team. Maybe he thinks it isn’t worth trying after being left out after scoring 2 goals.

Shinoda – 6 Getting points, but in our current situation we need to start getting 3 points. Big game next weekend with Montedio where he needs to get some goals.


Posted July 20, 2011 by avispafukuoka in Opinion

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