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Avispa 1 : 0 Omiya

42′ Naruoka

Watching our first home mid-week game of the new season also brought out 2nd win of the season, and this time against a team who weer in J1 last season rather than a team who came up with us.

After a long day at work it also coincided with the first time I noticed they sold SPARX (superstrength Chu-hi) at Level-5 stadium. It means that my recollection of the game is a little hazy, but I will try to piece together the main events.

Avispa started with their standard good pace to the game and with Jogo and Naruoka playing up front were trying to craft a pretty goal rather than punting the ball forward into the channels.
Matsuura was playing again despite Hideya’s performance against Kawasaki, and I really want him to start making his full-back turn and chase onto balls but he cuts inside and comes deep more often.

Jogo and Naruoka both had attempts at lobs over the keeper from outside the box which pretty much sums them both up. They are capable of creativity and moments of briliance which will get some great goals, but will never score 15 in a season.

At the other end the tall Brazilian Rafael was the main threat, but was being dealt with pretty well. the biggest chance to score fell to him as he got the ball outside the box and managed to drop his shoulder past both central defenders and burst into the box. Rokutan came out well and made himself big to force the save. It definitely denied a goal, and is the best save I have seen him do.

The ball broke back up to the Ardija half and ended up going for a corner. I don’t really expect Avispa to score from corners, they only seem to have one method of doing so (the short corner to the edge of the box – Tottenham corner), but did so tonight. A bit of a nothing corner was punched out by the Omiya keeper but fell straight onto Naruoka’s head just outside the D. Using his footballing brain he knew to lob header back over the keeper for the ball to land perfectly in the back of the net.
It’s always interesting to see a header from outside the box, and this one looked to have been definitely intentional.

Coming out for the second half Avispa had a couple more chances to score, but Omiya had really clear chances to equalise with Rafael again spurning the best of these from inside the box.

Avispa showed clear determination to hold out for the win, and didn’t resort to as clear time-wasting as previously seemingly growing in confidence to be able to see out the match for another important win.


Posted July 17, 2011 by avispafukuoka in Match Reports

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