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Rokutan – 6 I’d take Kamiyama back now. Looked stranded for all 3 goals, but how much of that was from him not making much attempt at a save.

Wada – 7 Still getting forward, but not totally secure defensively. Tries hard, but not J1 quality.

Tatsunori – 7 Useful in attack, but similar to Wada he isn’t top class defensively and always liable to be caught out.

Daiki – 6 Got bundled over for the 2nd goal again. he is very ready to go down and gets caught out fairly often with it, and it nearly always leads to a goal.

Kobara – 6 Distinctly average. Still the best central pair with have, but will always let in goals.

Suzuki – 7 Looks happier with Nakamachi alongside him and can probably count himself unlucky to be on the bench in the next game.

Nakamachi – 7 Did well, and laid on a great chance for Jogo in the first 5 minutes. Clearly not match fit, but is needed by the team.

Matsuura – 6 Similar to all season really. Does quite a few good things without ever doing anything great.

Naruoka – 7 Starting to look like more of a player, and will appreciate having Nakamachi back as someone more on his wave-length. Looked gassed after 60 minutes but played the whole game.

Yusuke – 7 Showed a couple of spells of really good pace in the first half to scare his full-back including a spell on the left wing. Should have scored with a good chance when it was 0-0.

Jogo – 6 Got into positions to score but hit the ball too close to the keeper. While he is in the team we are effectively playing with no striker.

Shimizu – 6 On for Nakamachi. Finally got some game time. Not bad, but didn’t boss the game either. i hope he isn’t on huge wages as he isn’t earning them.

Hideya – 9 Can’t ask much more of him this season. Scored 5 goals now despite missing half the season. 2 great goals tonight which he pretty much made for himself in about 20 minutes.

Yutaka – 7 Still not scored, or come close to it, but added some energy to the front line which opened space behind for Hideya to play.

Shinoda – 6 Hamstrung with a dodgy defence, his options are fairly limited. Needs to see that Hideya must come in for Matsuura in the next game.


Posted July 12, 2011 by avispafukuoka in Opinion

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