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We got the win, but in truth it wasn’t our best performance of the season, still the ratings should be better than they have been so far.

Rokutan – 6 He’ll hold his position after another clean sheet, but didn’t make a save in this game. Booked harshly for time-wasting, will lose his position if he picks up another and gets suspended.

Wada – 7 Got forward well and put in a couple of really good crosses. I’d still take Kim Min Je, but he has serious competition.

Yamagata – 7 Dealt with Genki pretty well. Caught out a couple of times, but made some good one-on-one tackles.

Daiki – 8 Had a tough challenge dealing with the in-form, and physically imposing Mike Havenaar. Came out on top and let up few chances while marshalling midfield.

Kobara – 7 Helped out with Mike at times and generally looked pretty dependable.

Sueyoshi – 7 Much better performance. There were times in this game when we controlled midfield for the first time in a long time. His tackle led directly to the first goal.

Suzuki – 6 Looked a bit more dynamic, but still not comfortable at this level. Needs to understand that he cannot get by with his left foot and needs to be running a lot more. Good chance with his head.

Matsuura – 7 Not his best game, but still making chances and kept running all game. Works well with Wada on the overlap, I wish he was a bit faster to make his full-back turn a bit more.

Naruoka – 7 Still trying a few too many tricks for a team in need of scrapping out some points, and one he hasn’t yet played many games with, but played quite an important role in the goal drawing the defender away.

Yusuke – 8 Man of the Match, and deservedly so. He got his goal well, and laid one on a plate for Jogo later. caused problems for his full-back and helped in defence.

Jogo – 7 Got an assist, and very nearly scored a great improvised goal from a lobbed pass. Should have got on the scoresheet early in the 2nd half to make the game safe.

Hideya – 6 The team looks better with him in it because of his height and directness, but where to put him is a difficult question.

Nakamachi – 7 Great to see him back and the team looks much better with him in it. It spells the end of Suzuki Jun for a while, but hopefully he can fill the gap between defence and attack now.

Yamaguchi – 6 Came on for Yamagata late on and I was a little concerned, but he did nothing wrong.

Shinoda – 7 He got the win and should take the plaudits for that. Must be happy to have Nakamachi back as when he is put into this team for Suzuki Jun it is starting to look like his first choice XI. Has to work out what to do with Hideya, Suzuki Jun, and Kim Min Je.


Posted July 4, 2011 by avispafukuoka in Opinion

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