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Rokutan – 6 Another game in which he didn’t do anything horribly wrong, but didn’t pull off any amazing saves. Almost the exact opposite to what Kamiyama offers.

Wada – 5 Quite good offensively again, but got caught out by someone getting in front of him in the box for the second time in a week. Second goal from his wing.

Tatsunori – 6 Not much of a chance to get forward in this game, didn’t allow the Brazilian guy much of a look in. Great cross for the goal when he did get forward.

Kobara – 6 Seems to be getting worse and worse with each game after his strong start. Maybe losing confidence after the glorious clean sheet against Kobe, but still doing OK.

Daiki – 6 Needs to do more as Captain in this slump. Got turned inside out for the second goal.

Sueyoshi – 6 Was playing some nice long balls forward and should be playing facing forward like this, but he didn’t enforce himself in midfield.

Suzuki – 6 Did OK, and played some nice balls at times, but by playing a 2 man midfield of him and Sueyoshi we are basically giving away the central midfield area.

Matsuura – 5 Jubilo won’t be regretting letting him come to us on this evidence. Couldn’t turn his full-back regularly and has no other options.

Naruoka – 6 Playing in his favoured withdrawn striker role he did ok, and got our first goal for weeks with a good header but looks like a bit of a luxury player at times with his flicks and overly clever passes.

Yusuke – 5 We didn’t really threaten them much on either wing, which seeing as we have sacrificed midfield by only playing 2 is a disaster. 1 good shot early in the game.

Jogo – 5 Infuriating at times today. Coming out to the wing to try and provide an option behind the winger when we have no-one in the middle. The partnership between him and Naruoka will at some point make a really nice goal, but we need grit.

Hideya – 7 On for Yusuke. Immediately made us look better in attack by being able to hold the ball up and force others to get into the box. Directly involved in the goal.

Shigematsu – 6 Not much of a chance, but was on the pitch when we scored and I’m sure his movement will have contributed to worrying the defence.

Takahashi – 6 His stats at the end of this season will read “0 games, 28 substitute appearances, 0 goals” and he will be released as we rebuild in J2.

Shinoda – 5 Seems to be clutching at straws a bit with selection now. Changing personnel, which I think is correct, but needs to come across the correct one and then leave it for 5 games. Central midfield is the big problem and has remained as Sueyoshi/Suzuki throughout this period.


Posted July 1, 2011 by avispafukuoka in Opinion

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