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In the first of the season’s mid-week games Avispa play away against Kobe tomorrow night. They are coming off the back of their worst performance in the League this season and I don’t know if this means I am happy they are playing so soon to try and forget that game, or if they may have a hangover from the game. I’m hoping that they can come out with something to prove.

The players with most to prove are likely to be Suzuki Jun and Sueyoshi after being dominated in midfield against Cerezo. It would be nice to think the manager could change things a bit, but I don’t really know if he has any options. Nakamachi, Shimizu and Naruoka weren’t even on the bench on Saturday. Personally I’d start with the team which ended the match against Cerezo with Jogo in midfield, but I can’t see it happening.

Kobe aren’t having a bad season after narrowly avoiding relegation last season, but should definitely be a team we should be thinking we could beat. They have a star player in Yoshito Okubo in attack, with 3 Brazilians working with him to make up midfield and attack. Avispa seem to deal very badly with Brazilians, stretching back to J2 where we seemed to concede to every Brazilian possible, possibly because we don’t have any South American influence at the club to help practice in training. Hopefully we won’t get unstuck again.

My Prediction

Vissel Kobe 2 – 1 Avispa Fukuoka

I was way too optimistic before the match against Cerezo and don’t want to feel as deflated again so will be more realistic. I’d love us to grind out a 0-0 draw just to get the losing monkey off our backs, but can’t see our defence holding back against goals.
If we win it will be from us scoring goals not scraping out a 0-1 on the counter.


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2 responses to “vs. Vissel Kobe (preview)

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  1. Hi

    I really enjoy reading your summaries of the games and predictions – would you be willing to do this for payment (or if you know another English speaker that would like to do it)? I could use the help with coverage of J1 matches – (and J2)

    thanks for reading this post!

  2. Where do you want to put anything? Somewhere on the internet?

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