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Kamiyama – 5 Is a really big, bulky guy but has almost zero command of his 6 yard box for corners. Needs to be coming for everything. Made a couple of good saves and must forget his errors from recent weeks.

Kim Min Je – 6 Probably Avispa’s best player. Made a couple of great long passes into the channel and kept running. Would have been a 7, but at fault for the 2nd goal when I think he should have left it for Kamiyama.

Tatsunori – 6 If all the players ran as much as he does then we would be mid-table. Gave the ball away a few times, and seemed to hand-ball it 4 times, but at least he kept trying.

Daiki – 5 Made some decent challenges, but you’d expect him to with the amount of pressure he was under. Needed to drive the team as Captain.

Makoto – 4 Again a couple of good blocks, but in 90 minutes of pressure he will always have a few good moments. Gave the ball back for the 1st goal, and did it again with a few more weak clearances.

Sueyoshi – 4 The worst I have seen him. Didn’t seem to be up for the fight today and was the worst culprit at giving the ball away. The 3rd goal seemed to be from tiredness, but he has just had 2 weeks off.

Suzuki – 4 Has been given a huge chance to show everyone what he is all about after Nakamachi’s injury. All he has done is show that the defensive and physical deficiencies in his game don’t make up for his creative influence.

Matsuura – 6 Not his best game, but very good at holding the ball up on the break, and used the ball well when he got it. Didn’t get the ball enough and provided little pressure to get it back.

Hideya – 6 Looked good in a 442 for the first 7 minutes, and stayed pretty bright when he got the ball later, but needed to come deeper when Avispa didn’t have the ball.

Jogo – 6 Pretty anonymous for most of the game, but did have the only real shots on target for Avispa. Was moved into midfield and looked visibly happier to me. Directing play, running around, breaking forward; this is where he should be, he was showed how to do it by Cerezo’s #10.

Yusuke – 5 Looked like we might be in for a good day when he turned and rushed back his defender after 3 minutes, but then he did nothing more like it again. Does almost nothing for getting back possession.

Shigematsu – 7 This is what we need. The crowd knew it and started chanting his name to Shinoda. They were proved correct as he came on with a lot of energy, and stopped the ball being freely passed around defence.

Yutaka – 5 I don’t understand the point of bringing him on when we are 3-0 down. Maybe he could get a goal to rescue a point with 5 minutes left to play if it was 1-0, but he isn’t going to change anything or get any more experience.

Masato – 7 Isn’t able to play from the start like Shigematsu could, but he must be first choice attacking substitute. He has energy, skill, height, and could get the team promotion from J2 next season if he is allowed game time to get better.

Shinoda – 4 I applaud him trying out 442, and I think it was working until the weak goal, but he sent out a team with a front 6 with only Sueyoshi who can tackle. How were we ever going to get the ball?


Posted June 12, 2011 by avispafukuoka in Opinion

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