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Avispa 0 – 3 Cerezo
9′ Rodrigo Pimpao
44′ Kurata
75′ Kiyotake

Avispa got destroyed today. I have no idea why I was so optimistic of getting something from the game today; I think it was from the good performance against Nagoya followed by a 2 weeks break to get everyone hungry for games. I couldn’t have been more wrong, the performance today was terrible with most of the players looking like they were at the end of a 50 game season with a total dearth of the energy it is going to need to get out of this slump.

The game started quite brightly as usual with Yusuke actually showing some pace of old to get past his player, Jogo finding Hideya with a back-heel and a couple of shots (albeit tame ones) going towards goal.

Things totally changed after 7 minutes when Cerezo won a corner on the left which Makoto headed straight back out to the wing under little pressure so they could have another go. Sending in a second cross to the back post the ball ended up in a scramble near Kamiyama and Rodrigo Pimpao had enough about him to find a way of forcing the ball home.

As a young striker on loan from Vasco de gama I was expecting Rodrigo Pimpao to be a little better than he was, but he did almost score a contender for Goal of the season as he juggled the ball over two players and tried to lob Kamiyama from an acute angle. He held his head in his hands knowing it could have been the centre-piece of his youtube highlights reel.

Having gone a goal down Avispa totally lost all control, all drive, and all adventure which had seen them using a 442 formation which apart from conceding a weak set-piece goal had been working quite well.

After his good game against Nagoya Sueyoshi showed he is still a long way from the finished article with a totally ineffective performance working alongside a Suzuki Jun who in the opportunity he has been given since Nakamachi got injured has shown he may never be able to make the grade. With a huge hole in the middle of the pitch the Brazilian #10 for Cerezo was able to totally dicate play with #13 Kiyotake and #23 Kurata providing trickery on the edge of the box which Avispa totally couldn’t handle.

Cerezo weren’t scoring but it didn’t seem to matter as they were going for 5 minute spells without Avispa getting close to touching the ball, and any time they did lose possession they didn’t even need to try to get the ball back as Avispa would more often than not give it straight back within 10-15 seconds with a wayward pass. No-one was more guilty of this than Sueyoshi, but with the possible of exception of Kim Min Je and Matsuura who were again the stand-out players when they got the ball.

It was only a matter of time before Cerezo scored and unfortunately it was through an unlucky deflection by Kim Min Je who had otherwise been doing OK. A ball into the box hit the bottom of his studs and bounced into the turf falling kindly for Kurata to slide under Kamiyama. He should have left the ball for Kamiyama to gather, but it was one of a few occasions when defenders went for balls rather than trusting the keeper and after his recent performances I don’t blame them.

Coming out for the 2nd half the pattern remained the same with few clear chances for Cerezo despite them dominating possession, but absolutely nothing for Avispa fans to cheer.

They started calling for Shigematsu, and when he came on he did more than some of the players had managed all game. The same could be said for Yoshihara who only had 3 minutes but also showed some heart in those 3 minutes. After he came on Jogo was moved into midfield and he actually looked a lot happier and more effective, I hope to see him there instead of Suzuki Jun if Nakamachi isn’t back mid-week.

The game was over as a contest but They were gifted a third goal with a passage of play which summed up the whole match. Avispa won a throw in near half way which Daiki threw to Sueyoshi to beat out of play under no pressure. Cerezo now had a throw-in deep in Avispa territory which resulted in Kiyotake getting the goal he deserved.

Posted June 11, 2011 by avispafukuoka in Match Reports

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