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Kamiyama – 5 As I had said at the start of the season, he can make some great stops at times, but is prone to horrible blunders. 2 more today and the defence don’t seem to believe in him any more.

Kim Min Je – 6 Did ok, but after being our best player in nearly every game this was his weakest. Playing much more defensive than previously, his strength is in attack.

Tatsunori – 7 Thought he did well today. Made some important tackles and blocks.

Daiki – 6 Didn’t stand out too much today, but had a difficult job against Kennedy and made him look pretty ordinary and lazy.

Makoto –7 Much better today than against Jubilo. Will hopefully continue to gain match fitness.

Sueyoshi – 8 Did well today. Much more attacking than usual and seemed to enjoy being one of the more experienced midfield/attacking players. Should remember it was his break into the box which got the first goal and do it more often.

Suzuki – 7 Was fairly surprised to see him chosen ahead of Naruoka, but proved himself today and did alright against the League Champions. Showed he can make a goal to beat the offside trap and supply the 2nd goal.

Matsuura – 8 Only really missing a goal. His best performance for us. Previously he has held the ball for too long and tried to do too much, but today he was holding the ball up really well and releasing it.

Hideya – 8 The player who has stepped up the most this season and is starting to look like a J1 player. Cleverly supplied the cross for the 1st goal and was involved in much of the good things Avispa did.

Yusuke – 7 Looked better than he has done and showed more willingness to run past players. Should be reminded that the stadium announcer calls him “Speedstar” when he is introduced and be running much more.

Shigematsu – 7 I really wanted him to get a goal so he can stay in the first team, and he did with a real strikers goal. Exactly what we need up front, and will only get better with more games.

Yutaka – 5 One really good chance to equalise the 3rd goal with a well met header, but did nothing else. Hasn’t scored despite being brought on for every game this season.

Yoshihara – 6 Won a free-kick with a bit of skill, but only had 5 minutes.

Ushinohama – 6 Only on the pitch for 5 minutes, not sure if he touched the ball.

Shinoda – 7 Was rewarded for having faith in the younger players with a really good performance. Will be interesting to see what happens when Jogo is back.


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