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Rokutan –4 Don’t think he made a save during the game. Conceded 4 goals, at least a couple of which he should have done better. Kamiyama might make a few horrible blunders but at least he sometimes makes a save too.

Kim Min Je – 6 Probably Avispa’s best player again, but not saying much really. Could have got closer for the 2nd goal, not much chance in attack.

Wada – 5 Still not showing why he was signed. Clearly a back-up player, but no better than Nagira was. How bad must Kobara be to be being kept out of the team.

Daiki – 5 Couldn’t deal with the movement, and was made to look like a bit of an idiot for the 4th goal. Kept the team playing as Captain despite being 4-0 down.

Makoto – 4 Looked really short of match fitness and caught out at the back repeatedly. Won’t have enjoyed his homecoming.

Sueyoshi – 5 Was trying in midfield, and picked up another yellow, but the whole midfield was being totally out-muscled by Jubilo and needed someone to put the boot in, rather than get a yellow for pulling someone back.

Naruoka – 4 Don’t know if he is still short of match fitness, but he showed Jubilo fans they were correct in letting him leave.

Matsuura – 5 Couldn’t beat his man today. Had the only chance for Avispa in the first half but hit straight at the keeper. Won’t be having his loan recalled.

Hideya – 6 Probably the best of the Avispa attackers. Kept himself busy and was rewarded by a nice goal.

Jogo – 5 The ball was rarely getting out of the Avispa half so he wasn’t seeing much of it. Had his head split open when challenging for a header in a defensive position.

Yusuke – 5 Another game where he fails to make things happen. Put in one cross which I remember, but other than that didn’t do much.

Shigematsu – 6 Looked pretty lively when he came on, and will be disappointed that after he got in a position to score he left the ball behind.

Yutaka – 5 No point in bringing him on in games like this, in fact it is starting to look like there was no point in renewing his contract. Would much sooner see Yoshihara be on the bench.

Suzuki – 6 Was better than Naruoka after he came on, but gave the ball away just as much. If he is going to remain as undynamic as he is he needs to never give away possession when he does have the ball.

Shinoda – 5 Was just up against a better team today and couldn’t do much about it. I think he needs to start giving the younger players a run out. Both to see if they can change the slump, and to build for next season with some experience.


Posted May 24, 2011 by avispafukuoka in Opinion

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