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Kamiyama – 5 Made some really good one-on-one blocks at the end of the game, but by that point had already let in 3 goals; the first after being duped into a penalty, the second being beaten at his near post, and the 3rd with a total howler.

Kim Min Je – 7 Another solid performance. Had a challenge in the 2nd half against the midget but did alright against pace.

Tatsunori – 7 Did well in attack and defence, probably should have got closer to Usami for the second as there was no over-lap.

Daiki – 9 The best defender on the pitch for most of the game. Gamba might start wanting him back. Was getting forward and looking like he could play a midfield role well.

Yamaguchi – 7 Despite conceding 3 goals this was probably his best game. Would have been an 8, but he backed off so much for Usami’s goal.

Sueyoshi – 9 Lokoed really good in this game. Was playing with some real bite at times, running all over the pitch, and scored a great goal.

Suzuki – 6 Got the assist for the 2nd goal well, but needed to impose himself onto the game more.

Yusuke – 7 Better than in previous weeks in that he is trying to get past his man, but still seems to have lost his pace. Not too sure what else he brings if that is gone.

Hideya – 8 The most important player in holding the play higher up the pitch than in previous games. Was moving across the line and holding the ball well.

Matsuura – 8 His tricky game was working today, and he was playing with the same energy as he did in the first game. Maybe more of a home player.

Jogo – 7 Could have got some points at the end with some sublime technique. Turned to get into the box but shot tamely, scored an amazing bicycle kick but was offside, hit the bar in the last minute.

Naruoka – 6 Looked alright when he came on in a midfield position but didn’t really change much.

Takahashi – 6 Not much of a chance to really change anything

Shigematsu – 6 Didn’t really get much of the ball.


Posted May 20, 2011 by avispafukuoka in Opinion

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