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Kamiyama – 7 Let in 3 goals, but other than that he made some really good blocks, and his kicking was more secure. Punching quite a lot, and needs more height if he is going to do this as they are dropping to the edge of the box sometimes.

Kim Min Je – 7 Not going forward as much as he has in some of the other games, but still provided the width for the second goal.

Tatsunori – 5 Will always try hard and with lots of stamina, but needs to be at the top of his game for J1. Both of Ono’s goals came from a right-back position.

Daiki – 6 Under a lot of pressure at the end of the game, but didn’t come out of that on top. One of 3 players pulled towards Oguro for the important 1st goal and none of them got the ball.

Yamaguchi – 6 Was doing OK in the first half, but lacks just a little bit in all areas of his game to cope at this level.

Sueyoshi – 6 Was playing well as a defensive shield and picked up a yellow card which I’d like to see more of as it shows some bite. Was needed to break up play more in the 2nd half.

Suzuki – 6 Good play when the team was on top, and definitely supplies creativity, but can’t get involved as much as he needs to when the team is under pressure.

Yusuke – 7 A better game, and worked well with Jogo for the first goal. Still not showing his pace.

Hideya – 6 Dropping a bit deeper and looking for the ball. Hit the bar with a powerful header. I’d like to see him and Jogo switch places. I don’t think he is the perfect centre-forward, but think Jogo could do his job better.

Matsuura – 6 Same story as previous games. Looks for the ball, tries to do tricky things, doesn’t succeed 75% of the time.

Jogo – 9 A different player from last week. When he has the confidence that a goal gives him he lights up, starts looking for the ball, playing instinctively. It was telling that both goals came from a deeper position. Could have had a hattrick.

Naruoka – 5 Came on to try and hold the ball higher up the pitch and didn’t succeed. Tries clever passes but on a different page to his team-mats at the moment.

Wada – 4 Brought on to provide more height for Kim Min Je and duly saw 2 goals scored against him.

Takahashi – 5 Did nothing after he came on. If the question is how to get a goal with 10 minutes to go, Yutaka isn’t the answer.

Shinoda – 6 Set the team out well, and were playing at a great pace to start the game. Needed to sort out the nerves and hold the ball in the 2nd half and failed totally. Doesn’t seem to have a Plam B.


Posted May 7, 2011 by avispafukuoka in Opinion

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