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Match 1
Kamiyama – 6 Punched a couple of crosses, did nothing else.
Wada – 6 Made no obvious mistakes, but did nothing in attack.
Miyaji – 6 Has a useful long throw, but probably not mobile enough to play at full-back.
Daiki – 6 Looked good when attacking, and is composed on the ball, but caught out on both goals. Needs to pass the ball straight to midfield rather than try to play.
Kobara – 6 Also needs to clear the ball hard, or pass straight to midfield. The defence is not good enough as a unit to pass around, even against J2 opposition.
Nakamachi – 6 Didn’t seem to have much energy, or stand out. Won a free-kick on the edge of the box which Yusuke hit the post with.
Sueyoshi – 5 Delivery from corners not great. Didn’t get stuck into tackles (but it was a friendly), and offered nothing in attack.
Matsuura – 6 His running was often into dead ends in this game. Needs a target in the box. Cramped up towards the end.
Shimizu – 5 Had a spell at the beginning of the 2nd half where he looked really classy, but I fear his legs may have gone. Looked like he was treading water at one point.
Yusuke – 7 Scored with his head when he made the effort to get into the box, and hit the post with a clever free-kick. Probably the best player for Avispa.
Jogo – 4 Difficult for him as he is still being asked to play as striker and never should. Doesn’t get in the box, holds up play when he should run on, bad first touch.

Match 2

Rokutan – 5 Came on during the first match and conceded almost striaght away. Probably would have been sent off in the second if it wasn’t a friendly after coming out of his box and taking down the striker unnecessarily.
Tatsunori – 7 Solid at the back behind a young kid, and provided some help in attack. Small mistakes throughout, but recovered from them.
Son – 6 Looks to get forward, and made no mistakes in defence. Substituted for Lee.
Yamaguchi – 6 Quite good at getting some part of his body onto balls, but prone to making at least one big mistake a game. Needs concentration.
Tanaka – 8 Totally solid at the back. really good for the youngsters to play with him. Conceded from a set piece, but always needs a partner with height. Nearly scored a screamer on the volley.
Suzuki Jun – 8 Dictated play from a ‘quarterback’ role. His range of passing means the strikers can always play on the shoulders of defence. gave the ball away rarely.
Naruoka – 7 Linking with attack well and showing some nice touches. Carried off the pitch with an injury after landing badly when challenging the keeper.
Ushinohama – 8 Very promising. Looked a little nervous at the start, but after nearly scoring and easily beating his man for the first goal gained in confidence. Was running across the park by the end.
Yutaka – 8 Really helped the younger players play. Was instrumental in most of the attacks, providing a central target around which to play.
Hideya – 9 I’ve not always given him great scores, but today he was a different player. Playing with energy and skill he scored goals and laid them on for others throughout the game.
Shigematsu – 8 Must start instead of Jogo. This is a real striker, his movement off the ball, tricks on it, and willingness to shoot mean he is already better and should only improve.
Yoshihara – 7 Also played in the first game. Skillful on the ball rather than the simple target man I was expecting. Should also be ahead of Jogo as striker.
Lee – 7 Attacking from full-back. Looked good in training too and deserves more game time than he is likely to get this season.
Hatamoto – 7 On for Makoto. Didn’t have much to do, but did everything asked of him and always looked calm on the ball. Has pace.
Kasegawa – 6 Conceded from a set piece, and again from one disallowed for offside. Made one save when tested early.


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