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On the weekend it was announced when the season would resume (22nd April vs. Shimizu), I get to see the new team for the second time as they play Oita Trinita.

Despite being quite local rivals both of the games I have seen between Avispa and Oita have been pretty dull. Hopefully tomorrow’s game will be a good show. Here are the things which I am looking forward to seeing….

1) Ginger-Min Je combination. The highlight of the game against Niigata was play down the left wing between the 2 little guys who both showed they like to run with the ball and get stuck into the opposition. Ginger (Matsuura) trusted himself to beat anyone one-on-one regardless of where he was on the pitch, and Min Je spent as long in the opposition half as his own from full back.
They will concede goals (like the first against Niigata) but hopefully will score more.

2) The Naruoka Show.
Got himself sent off last week after having what looked like a promising start in the first half. An extra training game does him no harm at all as he tries to link up with the rest of the team. Whether Avispa have any chance of staying up will depend a lot on whether he can start find his feet.

3) The Suzuki solution.
The one player who shouldn’t be looking at this as a friendly match. I love this little guy with his heavenly left foot and hellish stature. It looks like something will happen every time he gets the ball in the opposition half. Play him on the right wing, tell him to cut inside and fill the space with Nakamachi and watch as he screams one in from 30 yards. If he scores 2 in this match then he plays against Shimizu.


Posted March 26, 2011 by avispafukuoka in Preview

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