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A couple of weeks ago it was announced that despite being offered a new deal by Mizuno, Avispa were going to change kit supplier to lesser known company svolme. I don’t know the reason why they would do this, but hopefully it involves lots of money coming into the club.

I was a little concerned by svolme as their clothes seemed to mostly be very bright coloured, and with an average of 4-5 svolme logos on them, but having seen the new kit released yesterday it isn’t too bad.
They have managed to keep that shirt a fairly plain dark blue, with their only indulgence being to add some horizontal stripes across both the home and away shirt. It does seem that they have been conscious of being a lesser known supplier and tried to be conservative with the design rather than do something outlandish.
It has apparently been inspired by some sort of sailor shirt, which I guess I can envisage if I use a lot of imagination and picture it on someone slightly more masculine than Jogo or Nakamachi.
The Goal-keepers jerseys are pretty much unchanged.

svolme logos are kept down to 3 (1 on the front and 2 epaulettes), but the sponsorship logo still looks pretty bad, as if Avispa is sponsored by 3 different companies from some angles.
I’m glad they didn’t take the cynical route of having a black 2nd strip to deliberately clash with Gamba and necessitate a 3rd strip.


Posted January 25, 2011 by avispafukuoka in News

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