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After getting more and more concerned by players leaving the club, not many joining, and no notification that other important ones had re-signed there is some good news as it has been announced that Player of the Season Nakamachi has agreed to a contract for the coming season.

I really hope that it is more than a 1 year contract as he is only 25 and just had an amazing season so there is relatively little risk, but that just doesn’t seem to happen in Japan and we will probably end up losing him next year if he has another stellar season.

The team now needs to be built around him, and have less emphasis on him for scoring. He scored so many from corners last year and won’t be given the same space next year so needs support from elsewhere; specifically from the strikers.

With Sueyoshi having already signed it means the middle 2 will be the same, and presumably have Matsuura on the wing where Kudo used to play and Naruoka as a classic #10 behind Jogo. That still leaves Suzuki Jun, Yusuke and Hideya to compete for places so the team is starting to take shape.

Graph showing my mood over the transfer period so far….


Posted January 7, 2011 by avispafukuoka in News

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