vs. Fagiano (youtube & ratings)   1 comment

Fagiano 1 – 2 Avispa
9 Shots 10
3 Corners 6
1 Yellow 3

Fagiano opened the scoring with a simple corner. There right back Sawaguchi was left in the middle with only Nakamachi around him. Nakamachi got the wrong side and injured himself in trying to cover.

Avispa replied through a goal made by Nakamachi’s replacement Suzuki Jun. Curling a free kick from long distance against the bar Tatsunori follows up to knock in the rebound.

Avispa score the winning goal with Suzuki Jun again getting the assist. Aiming at Jumbo in the middle of the box the ball reaches Kudo as Jumbo goes down. He hits a first time shot to score in his final game in the League.


Rokutan – 7 Didn’t have a lot to do, but always looked comfortable. A very reliable backup for Kamiyama.

Nakajima – 7 Trying to get forward more often. Sometimes relies on the referee to help him out of tight situations and will come unstuck at some point.

Tatsunori – 8 Comfortable defensively and got the goal which his forward runs this season have deserved.

Daiki – 7 Rarely looked in trouble. Tries to referee the game at times.

Makoto – 7 Good enough for another season, but they need to start thinking of his replacement/backup; especially with Nagi released.

Abe Shu – 6 Not good enough for a starting place in J1, but will make a good defensive midfielder for someone in J2.

Nakamachi – 6 Nearly scored his short corner routine, but then caught out for the Fagiano goal and injured.

Kudo – 7 Looked like he had another season in him today. Scored a good goal to give him a nice send off.

Genki – 7 Still trying to score from distance which is good, but I still want him to make the defender turn more often.

Jogo – 6 Actually looked better on the right wing than as striker. Always wants the ball exactly where he wants it rather than making do for an early shot. Nearly scored a wonder goal with a scissors kick.

Jumbo – 5 I felt sorry for him today, he was playing under difficult circumstances and must have really wanted a goal. Hasn’t looked confident this season. Will be picked up by another J2 team quickly.

Suzuki Jun – 8 On for Nakamachi. Went through a 20 minute phase of running absolutely everything. Got assists for both Avispa goals. I don’t know why he hasn’t had more game time this season.

Yutaka – 5 On for Kudo. Did absolutely nothing of note.

Hideya – 6 On for Jumbo. Competent player, but offers nothing to change a game from the bench.

Shinoda – 6 Got the win, but only after being forced to bring Suzuki Jun on because of injury. Difficult situation in knowing whether to play Jumbo and Abe Shu; could’ve played Nagira for Makoto if he wanted to let players say Good-bye. Pointless to bring Yutaka on, everyone knows what he can do, give a youngster a game.


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