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Not sure what the team is going to look like today after the strange decision to announce which players are not going to have their contracts renewed for next season before the end of the season.

Both for this game, and for the Emperor’s Cup matches, there will either be players who know they won’t be playing next season, or playing with a smaller squad than they have all season.

I suspect that there will be a few new faces in the game with an eye on building experience for some of the younger players which may give Fagiano the chance to end the season on a high.

It also means that a few of the Avispa players might be out to impress and put on an energetic performance to upt themselves in Shinoda’s mind for next season.

Bookmakers have been looking at the league table when compiling their odds and list Fagiano at just 20% (5.16:1) to get a home win which seems very generous to me.

My Prediction

Fagiano 3 : 2 Avispa

Avispa to play a team including players like Suzuki Jun, Miyaji, Lee, Son and Rokutan, to put on an entertaining performance, but get beaten by a Fagiano team playing their last home game of the season.


Posted December 4, 2010 by avispafukuoka in Preview

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