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Just realised I hadn’t put the goals from Tuesday game on the blog, or done any ratings for the game.

The first goal coming from an early corner. Genki had already hit the post once by this point.

Genki’s second to confirm all 3 points would be going back to Fukuoka, and by the end of the day would be promoted to J1.

Match ratings

Kamiyama – 8 Only called upon a few times during the match to make saves but did so well. Am starting to expect him to make good saves rather than horrible mistakes.

Nakajima – 8 Used the same short corner to Nakamachi routine to set up the first goal. No problems defensively.

Tatsunori – 7 After looking unstoppable when he came back from injury has stopped running quite so much at the end of games now. Should be back to best after the end of season rest.

Daiki – 8 A return to form at the middle of defence. Overtaken as Avispa’s standout player by Nakamachi and Genki this season, but still very important.

Makoto – 7 Still has excellent positioning, but physically may start to find J1 difficult against taller, stronger, faster strikers.

Sueyoshi – 6 Getting involved in needless aggression. Picked up a pointless yellow card to be suspended.

Nakamachi – 9 2 assists for the goals and was setting the play throughout the game. J1 class for sure.

Genki – 9 Always looked like scoring when he got the ball and could have easily had a hattrick today.

Kudo – 7 Very good at the start of the game, but picked up an injury. Will hopefully be fit enough to get some time for his send off.

Jogo – 6 Similar story as for the previous couple of months. Has been part of a promotion winning team, and scored vital goals, but seems to go missing.

Jumbo – 6 Working harder than he was leading up to when he was dropped a couple of months ago, and deserves his place in the team, but needs to be replaced as a matter of urgency.

Hideya – 7 On for Kudo. Showed some nice touches from the right wing. Has played all across the front line well now, but without ever making one position his own.

Yutaka – 6 On for Jumbo. Dangerous in the box, but doesn’t have the guile to help in getting the ball into the box.

Nagira – 6 On for Nakajima. Not sure if he had time to touch the ball.

Shinoda – 7 Sent out a team which got a fairly routine away victory at a time when JEF have shown how difficult that can be under pressure. Should have calmed the team down to avoid all the bookings, fortunately not now important.


Posted November 27, 2010 by avispafukuoka in Match highlights

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