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Avispa 3 : 2 Tokyo Verdy
11 Shots 14
2 Corners 3
21 Free-kicks 11
1 Yellow 2

20 min – A free kick from outside the box is played to Nakamachi bursting back into the area. Brought down for a clear penalty.
21 min – *****GOAL*****Kudo scores from a penalty, but is ordered to take it again after players entered the box. Scores again from the penalty.
50 min – *****GOAL***** Long diagonal ball from Hideya plays in Jogo as the Tokyo defence has pushed up. takes a touch and finishes well.
57 min – *****GOAL***** Tokyo control the ball and make it as far as the edge of the penalty area. Ex-Avsipa player Iio turns and shoots beyond Kamiyama from a crowd of players.
60 min – *****GOAL***** Avispa defence is out of shape and Hiramoto gets in front of Makoto to score with a header at the near post.
93 min – *****GOAL***** Last chance of the game as Avispa get a free kick 8m outside the area. Looking too far for a strike on goal Yutaka smashes the ball into the top left corner to win the game for Avispa.


Kamiyama – 7 Made some important saves in the 2nd half when Tokyo were in the ascendency. Got a hand to the 2nd goal but couldn’t keep it out.

Tatsunori – 8 Good in defence, and composed when he has the ball. One amazing tackle after the referee had played an assist to Tokyo from an Avispa corner.

Nakajima – 8 Had a new left wing partner ahead of him and worked well to control the left back position. Struggled to find range with set-pieces.

Daiki – 7 Excellent in the 1st half. Organised defence and had the off-side trap working well. Must take credit for his leadership this season.

Makoto – 7 Part of the defence which kept Tokyo out of the box for most of the game. Also part of the defence which went to sleep for 5 minutes in the 2nd.

Sueyoshi – 7 Has improved his tactical discipline in dropping into a defensive position when a full back go forward. Good tackling.

Nakamachi – 8 Never gives the ball away. Won the penalty for the opening goal. Needs more quality ahead of him.

Kudo – 7 Rolled back the years with an energetic performance. kept his nerve to score from the retaken penalty.

Hideya – 7 Played with energy in his first start as a left winger, and was better defensively than I expected. Brilliant assist for 2nd goal. Didn’t do enough to usurp Genki from the team.

Jogo – 6 Certainly scores some important goals, and if he runs onto balls on the edge of the area he finishes them well. I’d like a more natural goal scorer as the main striker. Guilty of over-complicating at times.

Jumbo – 6 Had some good link up play, and was hurrying the opposition defence at times. Always wants too many touches in the box.

Yutaka – 8 On for Kudo. Always looks like scoring when he gets the ball in the box. Scored an amazing free kick to win the game.

Suzuki Jun – 8 On for Hideya. A bit of a luxury player, but Shinoda needs to find a way to use him as he is the 1 player in the squad who can make things happen in the final third. 2 great crosses in under 10 minutes.

Nagira – 6 On for Nakajima. Last minute change for an injury.

Shinoda – 8 Got the team correct at the start of the game, and brought on a substitute who won the game. Needs to find a way to polish Suzuki Jun up to his potential as a playmaker.


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