vs. Oita (events & ratings)   Leave a comment

Oita 0 : 0 Avispa
9 Shots 7
7 Corners 5
4 Yellow 2
1 Red 0

Key events (just events really, nothing much happened all game)

12 mins : Free kick from Kudo from just outside the box fails to get over the wall.
28 mins (& others) : Morishima is getting chances to score for Oita, but is seeing them saved by Kamiyama or go wide.
80 mins : Oita player sent off for an accidental clash of heads.
83 mins : Ball saved by the Oita keeper under pressure but passes Jumbo in the box in a position I think a more natural finisher (Yutaka) would have reached.


Kamiyama – 8 Kept a clean sheet, and was called upon to make saves from the dangerous looking Morishima all game. My man of the Match.

Nakajima – 7 Didn’t look troubled defensively, and added something in attack. Should have taken free-kick early in the game rather than Kudo after hitting the bar from the same position last week.

Tatsunori – 7 Still worries me when he tries to play with the ball when there is noone behind him, but didn’t get caought out and tried to get forward. delivered the best cross of the game after getting to the byline.

Daiki – 7 Took an elbow to the face at one point, and generally did OK. Defence looked a mess at times, but kept a clean sheet. Trying to attack whenever he can.

Makoto – 6 Generally OK, but no stand out moments. Had one of the best chances of the game to score, but as a defender shouldn’t be expected to score every time from that position.

Sueyoshi – 7 The only player who consistently shoots from outside the box. In games against defences sitting deep he is needed to continue progressing in his shooting from distance.

Nakamachi – 8 Doesn’t give the ball away, and continues to be the main goal-scoring threat for Avispa in most situations. Unfortunately he is a quite deep-lying midfielder and needs players ahead of him.

Genki – 7 The main source of creativity in the final 3rd of the pitch. One of the only attacking players who can make things happen. Still needs to beat his man more often, he has the skill and speed to do this or get fouled doing this.

Kudo – 6 Is clearly an intelligent player, and still has excellent delivery on crosses, but doesn’t have the speed or skill to unlock a tight defence.

Jogo – 4 Scores important goals, but apart from this is quite anonymous. When he first came back from injuries he was chasing down and rushing defenders for 60 minutes of effort.

Jumbo – 4 Was getting called for fouls almost every time he got the ball. Not necessarily totally his fault, but if this is happening then he is no longer effective.

Hideya – 6 Had some good moments after coming on, but didn’t change anything. Doesn’t look like the answer to Avispa’s attacking problems unfortunately.

Yutaka – 7 Lots of energy, and I’d have backed him to score if he had a chance, but only got 10 minutes.

Shinoda – 7 Not much more he could have done today. Oita’s defence played very deep, and his players didn’t have the creativity to unlock it. If he starts next season with Jogo and Jumbo as his 1st choice attacking option then it will be his fault. I’d have liked to see Suzuki Jun be brought on, for all his problems he does have genuine creativity and can make things happen.


Posted November 16, 2010 by avispafukuoka in Match Reports

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