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Avispa 2 : 3 Tochigi
12′ Ricardo Lobo
19′ Nakamachi
42′ Ricardo Lobo
47′ Jogo
86′ Hayashi (once of Avsipa)

13 Shots 11
10 Corners 4
25 Free kicks 15
2 Yellow 3
0 Red 0


7 mins : Nakajima hits the underside of the bar with a great free-kick. Yusuke gets to the rebound but has his shot saved well by the keeper.

11 : ******GOAL****** Tochigi corner is headed on at the near post and lands at the feet of Ricardo Lobo. Finishes well to take lead.

19 : ******GOAL****** Training ground routine pays off as a corner to the front of the box by Nakajima is hit first time by Nakamachi to level the scores.

30 : Yusuke goes off with a strain to his left leg. Kudo comes on earlier than he would expect.

42 : ******GOAL****** Long ball into the corner is being shepherded out by Daiki but the referee is conned into giving a free kick. Similarly to the first goal the ball finds Ricardo Lobo in the box who again shows his prowess in the penalty area.

48 : ******GOAL****** A shot from the middle by Genki is blocked by the last defender with Jogo on hand to slot home from just outside the 6 yard box.

86 : ******GOAL****** Clever pass from midfield finds Hayashi with just the keeper to beat from inside the area. Does so at the near post to score winning goal.


Kamiyama – 8 Strange to get a good score when letting in 3 goals, but also pulled off at least 3 other saves which had kept Avispa in the game.

Nakajima – 7 In the first half he looked like Avispa’s best player. Getting an assist for the goal and starting most of the attacks, but got caught up in the physicality later and found himself crowded off the ball and out of position at times.

Tatsunori – 7 Drives into the box well, but can try to over complicate things in and get caught out. Made a couple of big tackles.

Daiki – 6 The offside trap was working well today with a striker playing on shoulders, but as has happened often this season there seems a lack of height in dealing with set pieces into the box.

Makoto – 6 As with Daiki, all Tochigi attacks were coming through the middle, but against a lone striker they gave up chances throughout the match.

Yusuke – 7 Looked good before he came off. The energy he gives seems to galvanise Jumbo to work harder too.

Genki – 7 I want to see him try to beat his man more often. When he tries to go round the outside he is successful more often than not. On days like today he should be getting the ball played to him along the byline more often.

Sueyoshi –6 Playing very deep at times today left big spaces in the centre of the pitch for Paulinho to play in. Needs to get more physical against opponents like this. Should leave set pieces to Nakajima or Kudo if they are on the pitch.

Nakamachi –8 Scored a good goal, and got in positions to try and get the winner. At set pieces he is who the team look for despite being so small. Can get too caught up in the emotion and worrying about the referee when things are not going his way.

Jogo – 6 Got his goal, and had a good chance for another saved from a similar position, but isn’t doing much else. Seems low on confidence, but should be trying to run through it as energy is the biggest thing missing at the moment not quality.

Jumbo – 7 Had a decent game and linked play well at times. Was causing problems for the defence in the first half and caused turnovers through hurrying defenders.

Kudo – 7 On for Yusuke. Go fouled badly a couple of times with no punishment, including a good shout for a penalty. Switched wings with Genki again, this doesn’t need to happen if the team is still making chances.

Takahashi – 6 On for Jumbo. Can win headers despite his size, but did very little.

Hideya – 6 On for Makoto. Last gasp effort for a goal. Did nothing.

Shinoda – 6 The team was making chances and with a different referee could have won this fairly easily, but needed to be calmed down more at times. despite losing they were the better team and needed to avoid getting involved in battles with the other team and referee. Still making the wingers switch wings, which isn’t a bad idea in itself, but doesn’t really need to be done if the team have scored twice and look like they might score more. It disrupted Avispa more than Tochigi.


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