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The boys from Avispa will be making the short trip across the Setonaikai to get to Shikoku to play on the island for the 2nd time this season. Last time they went there was during their terrible run of form and they lost 2-1 against Ehime.
They’ll be hoping for a better result against a Tokushima team who have recently dropped off from their mid-season form.

In the home game against Tokushima it was a narrow victory for Avispa with Kamiyama saving a late penalty to secure a 1-0 win during a time when Tokushima were around the same points as Avispa. Since then Avispa have opened up a points gap and will be playing for promotion, while Tokushima don’t really have a lot to play for.

I expect Jumbo to stay at the top of the formation, and think that Jogo should probably stay with him to help his confidence; he scored most of his goals earlier away from home and may find it easier without the pressure of a home crowd.
I’d like to see Lee stay at left-back having performed well last week.

The odds are in favour of an Avispa win (2.38, 40%), with a Tokushima win and draw at near equal odds (31%, 28%). I would favour an Avispa win, but wouldn’t be certain enough to put a lot of money on it.

My prediction

Tokushima 1 : 2 Avispa

It won’t be an easy game, and Avispa will have to fight for the points as Tokushima have proved to be a decent team this season. It will be won by nature of Avispa needing the win more than Tokushima. Goals to come from a penalty, and a late goal from a corner by Nakamachi.


Posted October 30, 2010 by avispafukuoka in Preview

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