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Avispa 2 – 0 Giravanz

20 mins : ****GOAL**** A Kudo corner is hit to the back of the area for the 2nd time in a row. Sueyoshi collects and crosses back in for Nakamachi to head across goal. Genki scores with his head from 2m out.

25 mins : ****GOAL**** Fast break by Avispasees the ball get switched from left back position to Tatsunori on the right wing. A great cross finds Jumbo’s head after he makes the ground to get in a good centre-forward position in the box.


Kamiyama – 7. Not much to do throughout the game, but did everything asked of him.

Lee – 8. A great debut. There will be harder opponents, but he wasn’t out of place and offered himself in attack. Got cramp later in the game.

Tatsunori – 8. Good game. Never beaten at the back and got forward when he could to provide the assist for the 2nd goal.

Daiki – 8. Never looked troubled. Made a couple of key tackles.

Makoto – 8. Didn’t give the Kitakyushu attackers a chance. Had a chance to score.

Sueyoshi – 8. Dominated midfield and is getting better and better delivery. When Kudo starts to wind down his career will need to take set pieces until Suzuki gets a first team place.

Nakamachi – 9. Didn’t lose the ball, marshalled midfield and got an assist for the 2nd goal. Only really needs to add long range shooting his his game.

Kudo – 8. Looked better on the right wing than left, but had a solid game.

Genki – 8. Scored another goal to keep his great scoring going. Causes problems for defenders. Cutting in and shooting more than I have seen previously.

Jogo – 7. Still finding himself in goal-scoring positions, but struggling to find the net. Needs a goal to boost his confidence. Has the support of the players.

Jumbo – 8. Led the line well and was rewarded with a goal. Is still mistiming his jumps, but won more than he lost and won a few fouls around the box.

Hideya – 7. On for Kudo. Looked threatening, and had a few chances, but should have got himself a couple of goals against this opposition.

Yusuke – 6. This game was calling out for his to try something special in the 2nd half, but didn’t show a lot of energy. The sort of player who needs a challenge.

Nagira – 6. On for Lee. No time to do very much.

Shinoda – 8. Set the team up to score goals which they did early. Comfortable from then on, and gave a useful debut to a new player. Experimented with switching wings, which was useful even if it wasn’t really successful.


Posted October 27, 2010 by avispafukuoka in Match Reports

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