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Avispa welcomed Thespa to Level 5 Stadium looking to avenge their defeat from earlier in the season. At the time it was aterrible result as Thespa were at the bottom of the table with few wins and looking like they were struggling.
Since then they have been playing very well and climbed away from the bottom of the table so was unlikely to be an easy game.

Despite this it was a game which it was very important that Avispa won if they had any hopes of staying in the promotion spots to J1.

The team lined up with Jumbo up front which is understandable after the way he played against Roasso, and a great assist in the Sanfrecce game. It also makes sense as Jogo seems to have totally lost confidence.

The first goal came 56 minutes into the 2nd half as Avispa attacked the home end. Having said after the Roasso game that the team needs to attack the channels and turn the full-backs this seems to have happened to good effect as Nakaji sent a ball for Genki to chase and put in a great cross. Jumbo was in the right place at the right time and scored with a really good first time shot.

Straight after the goal it seems like Thespa went up the other end and won a corner which they went on to score from. I am always a little worried at the lack of defensive height for Avispa, but this seems to have come from a shot rather than a header.

To conclude a frantic 5 minutes there was then a handball in the Thespa box which resulted in a penalty. Showing some confidence and vision Jumbo played another great ball into the channel for Kudo to run onto. Continuing his run into the box he collected the return pass and shot towards goal from a similar position to his goal. Closed down by 3 diving defenders one of them seems to have made a diving save to block the shot.
Despite complaining about the decision the defender was sent off and Jumbo took the penalty himself to complete his brace and Avispa’s important win.

There was still time for Nakajima to get sent off after 2 yellow cards in a minute. I don’t know the circumstances behind it, but is a suspension which may cause some problems next week. Miyaji hasn’t even been on the bench recently which must be for injury as he has played well this season, and Nagira was the only sub defender this week, and has been victim to cramp in each of the games he has started.


Posted October 19, 2010 by avispafukuoka in Match highlights

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