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Roasso Kumamoto 2 : 1 Avispa Fukuoka

21 mins – Kumamoto #10 (the best player on the pitch) scores from an unmarked position in the box after the ball has been switched from right-left-right wing.

51 mins – Sucker-punch goal. Avispa pushed up to attack and a long ball feeds #10 to score his 2nd. Kamiyama runs out to try to reach him but ends up in no-mans land.

65 mins – Hideya has a close turn and shot saved by the keeper, which hits the underside of the bar and is cleared by a defender on the line.

67 mins – Daiki hits another shot at goal from a knock-down after a corner, but is headed onto the bar. Bounces out again and hit the beack of the defender’s head but goes to safety.

82 mins – Jumbo is fouled in the box for a penalty. Yutaka deals with the pressure to score and lead to a hectic last 10 minutes.

90 mins – A freekick from just outside the box. The shot gets up and down over the wall, but lacks power.


Kamiyama – 7. Difficult conditions for a keeper, and made some decent saves. Not much he could do for either goal.

Nakajima – 5. Totally outclassed by the Kumamoto #10 on a few occasions. Showed little in attack, absent for 1st goal.

Tatsunori. – 5. Gave the ball away on numerous occasions. Needed to keep things simple.

Daiki – 5. Defence was pulled out of position for the 1st goal. Playing it around defence when it needed to be played more direct.

Makoto – 5. Part of a defence which conceded 2 soft goals, and could have let in more.

Genki – 7. When he got the ball things happened. Doesn’t really look very happy at the moment, but when the ball is being given away so much it is understandable.

Kudo – 5. Ineffective. Not enough options, his strong passing game was always going to be difficult in these conditions.

Nakajima – 6. Part of a midfield which was trying to be too intricate. Really pleased that they have the confidence, but it needs to be used with some common sense regards the conditions.

Sueyoshi – 6. Has started taking set-pieces and I’m not particularly impressed. His long shooting was absent when the game really needed it.

Jogo – 4. Seemed to be frustrated, but didn’t do anything to help change things around. Threw his shirt on the floor after being substituted.

Hideya – 6. Worked hard and had some chances, but was the wrong option for today.

Yusuke – 6. An interesting option for today, and caused the Roasso defence to play deeper, but needed balls over the top to be held up on the wet pitch.

Jumbo – 8. Predictably caused all sorts of problems with his bulk and direct style. I was in total agreement he should be dropped after last week, but not when I saw the weather.

Yutaka – 7. Worked hard and scored the penalty. Is probably going to end up getting game time in the next game.

Shinoda – 4. 2 defeats, 2 tactical errors. If the pitch is wet and it is pouring down with rain you don’t send a team out set up to play a short passing game. If Jumbo is not going to played in this type of game then when is he going to be played?


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