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Sagan Tosu 0 – 1 Avispa Fukuoka

Avispa have managed to produce another great result by going to neighbours Tosu and returning with all three points. Having been beaten at home earlier in the season it was important for bragging rights that Avispa tried to return the favour, and didn’t let the fans down by maintaining their great run of wins.

Going into September I would have probably been happy with 6 points from the 4 games (JEF, Yokohama, Tosu, Kashiwa), but with Kashiwa still to play tomorrow we have earned 9 already with another potential 3 to come. It means that with JEF having a mid-week rest we are 7 points clear of them, while having played the same number of games.

As expected Tosu were played at a fast pace, and to be fair to them held the share of possession and probably had more shots.
Unfortunately for them despite having a greater number of shots Kamiyama was never seriously tested.

After earlier rattling the woodwork from a Nakajima free-kick from distance Avispa started the 2nd half with a really nice goal from Genki.

After breaking up a Tosu attack Sueyoshi drove forward and distributed the ball out right to Kudo. Finding it’s way over to the left wing via Nakamachi, Genki hit a first time shot which was blocked by a diving defender.
Without missing a step Genki then hit the ball returning to him with his other foot and past the goal-keeper who hadn’t recovered from his earlier dive.

The video doesn’t fully do justice to the Avispa support which seemed to outnumber Tosu at home, and was certainly much louder than them throughout the whole game.


Posted September 25, 2010 by avispafukuoka in Match highlights

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