vs. Mito Hollyhock (youtube)   3 comments

Unfortunately I missed the game this week, and it wasn’t a good game to miss as Avispa found their form and hit 5 unanswered goals past Mito to help their goal difference as they try to catch up with 3rd place.

Watching the goal highlights it seems like Mito imploded a little, as mistakes by them led to a few of the goals, but there was also some excellent finishing.

Hopefully this will have the same effect as the previous big win (against Roasso Kumamoto) and we will now go on a big run of wins.

Goal 1 : As predicted, Sueyoshi was rewarded for his recent long range shooting by opening the scoring with a shot from outside the box after a mistake by Mito.

Goal 2 : Kudo cuts the ball back cleverly to Jogo who places a strong shot at goal. The keeper makes a save, but Genki is the first to react again and can score from a metre out.

Goal 3 : Tatsunori hits a great ball to Jogo in the box who turns very well and finds Nakamachi on the edge of the box. In his form this season he wasn’t going to miss, and smashes an unstoppable shot into the top corner.

Goal 4 : A mistake by Mito after a corner lets Nakamachi get the ball in the box. With the defence in disarray he uses some crazy skill to chip the ball into the far corner of the net. In a season of great goals, this is his best yet.

Goal 5 : Pressure from Nakamachi helps Jumbo make a tackle and run with the ball towards goal. Passing to Yusuke on the break he wants a return ball, but Yusuke rifles a shot in at the near post. He doesn’t seem to do assists, but if he socres like this it doesn’t matter!


Posted August 22, 2010 by avispafukuoka in Match highlights

3 responses to “vs. Mito Hollyhock (youtube)

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  1. mate,

    love the blog and am a very big fan. not japanese, but fell in love with FUK when i went there for work. this website is brilliant for me to keep up to date with avispa and better still i get to see some highlights! thanks again and keep up the awesome work. also, would it be possible to add a table to website so it would be easier to see where we stand?


  2. Cheers, great to know that things are being read out there!

    I’ll try and work out a way of getting a league table put in somewhere, I agree that it would be very useful.

    Hopefully between me and the “SUPER Avispa” site Avispa Fukuoka are one of the easiest clubs to keep track of.

  3. true 🙂
    It’s great that Avispa got 2 english-speaking blogs and this is rare for a J.League-Team i think.
    I think Avispa Eigo and SUPER Avispa! is a good team 🙂
    You’re advantage is you can go to the home games (and the near by ones) and can more say about the players than i can. You’re reports and ratings are really good!
    I’m maybe more the blogger for the off the field-news and statistics…

    I really think Avispa is the easiest team to follow!
    Keep up our good work, mate!

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