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Ventforet Kofu 2 : 2 Avispa Fukuoka
3 mins – *****GOAL***** Perfect start as Jogo continues to show his worth by cleverly chipping the ball into the empty net while being closed down by the keeper and defenders. Hideya also shows he is better as a loan striker than Okubo as he gets a great head-on assist from Kamiyama’s long ball.

22 mins – Goal for Kofu. A ball from the left is crossed into the box where Daiki misses a clearance. Mike Hefner looks like he must be off-side as he knocks in at the back post, but may have been played onside by Yamagata in the confusion.

23 mins – Goal for Kofu. Sucker punch goal as Avispa get caught cold after conceding the equaliser. Daiki at fault again as Hefnar shows his strength to hold off a challenge and knock past Kamiyama.

55 mins – *****GOAL***** Kofu #5 tries to play the off-side trap, but is well caught out by Jogo who runs unopposed towards goal and calmly scores an equaliser.


Kamiyama – 7. Didn’t really have a chance with either goal, and otherwise didn’t make any mistakes.

Yamagata – 6. Did ok other than being the player who may have played Hefner onside for the first goal.

Nakajima – 6. Not as attacking as usual, and looks like he needs a few games to get match fitness.

Daiki – 5. At fault for both goals. A very difficult afternoon against the division top scorer, but showed he has some work to do.

M Tanaka – 6. Some good work, but still part of a defence conceding 2 soft goals.

Sueyoshi – 6. Has added long range shooting to his game, and will hopefully soon get a goal from this.

Nakamachi – 7. Have come to expect a goal from him, but this was still a good allround midfield performance.

Kudo – 6. Fine, but seems to play much better at home.

Genki – 7. Still trying to beat his man on the wing and scares opposition full-backs.

Jogo – 8. Took his goals very well. Showed calmness in front of goal for both goals. My Man of the Math.

Hideya – 7. Showed that he is able to play the target man striker role well with an excellent jump and header for the first goal.


Posted August 20, 2010 by avispafukuoka in Match Reports

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