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Final Score : Avispa 2 – 0 Ehime

4 mins : **********GOAL********** Genki scores from a ball bouncing in the box after Nakamachi pressured a defender from Kudo’s corner.

11 mins : Makoto does a really good block tackle on the edge of the box when 1-on-1 with Josimar.

25 mins : Ehime miss 2 more chances to equalise. Missed header from a cross, and Josimar held up in the rain.

46 mins : Jogo hits a long shot on the volley straight after kick-off.

67 mins :********GOAL********Suzuki Jun crosses a free kick to Nakamachi on the front of the box. Flicks off his back to balloon over the keeper into the far corner.

78 mins : Ball is crossed from left wing to right. Suzuki crosses back to the left where Genki nutmegs the full back and crosses into the box. Ball cleared to stop goal of the season.

Player Ratings.

Kamiyama – 8. Made no mistakes today. Couple of good saves, and came off his line to punch at corners.

Yamagata – 8. Incredible stamina. Running all day in hot conditions. Useful in attack, but can make mistakes.

Miyaji – 7. Solid at left-back. Versatile defender, better at full-back than centre-back.

Daiki – 7. Generally solid. Caught out of position and collided with Sueyoshi for one attack.

Makoto – 8. Important to have him back in the team. Made one incredible tackle to stop an equaliser. Club Man of the Match.

Kudo – 8. Did a lot of running. Leading counter-attacks and excellent delivery as always.

Sueyoshi – 7. Played well again. Would have been an 8 except for his bad mistake which nearly led to a goal.

Nakamachi – 9. My Man of the Match. 1 goal, 1 Assist, getting forward to support attack and helping in defence. How did we sign this guy?!

Genki – 8. Still scoring goals. Looked exhausted at the end of the first half, but kept running.

Jogo – 7. Good energy for a guy just coming back from injury. Closed down well, but needs to work with Hideya in training.

Hideya – 8. Played with good energy, and was what we need up front. Okubo shouldn’t be starting again.

Suzuki – 8. Played much better. Excellent delivery on set-pieces and ran more than usual.

Okubo – 5. His inability to head the ball is getting a bit stupid now. Held the ball up better.

Yusuke – 6. Should have been a good game for him. Tired defenders and a team pushing forwards. Had a couple of good counter-attacks but needs more confidence to shoot.


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