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On Sunday afternoon I was very bored and decided to make a graffiti stencil for my current favorite player Kyohei Oyama.

He is my favorite player because I’ve not seen any other shirts with his name on, I genuinely think he is Avispa’s best young player, and his hair is very good for spray-painting.

Having made the stencil I tested it on an old T-Shirt, and walked to my local 7-11 to buy a couple of beers to celebrate.

As I was deciding between real beer or tanrei my girlfriend came over to tell me she thought the tall guy buying a soft-drink was Hideya.

I wasn’t too sure. The hair-cut seemed right, but I wasn’t wearing my glasses and he seemed very tall.

When I got outside he was still sitting in his car, and must have seen my new T-shirt design. By that time I thought it was him as he has Osaka plates on his car and he seemed to be smiling at my Oyama T-Shirt. I gave him a nod and he drove off.

Hopefully Oyama now knows he has his own T-Shirt designed by some Hakata no Mori gaijin.

He was in the area because Avispa had a practice game against Kyushu University of Industry in the Track and Field Stadium.

It was played as 4 quarters of 45 minutes (effectively 2 whole games) and Avispa won 14-1.

Scorers for Avispa were: Yamaguchi (2), Student (3), Okubo, Hideya (2), Nakamachi (3), Genki and Jogo.


Posted August 2, 2010 by avispafukuoka in News

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  1. Haha, awsome grafitti! 😀

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