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Avispa Fukuoka 0 – 0 Fagiano Okayama

12 mins : Genki made space on the left and crossed to Jumbo on the near post. He hit it first time and the keeper saved easily for a corner.

14 mins : Sueyoshi hit a good cross-shot on the volley and somehow Daiki couldn’t connect with it.

55 mins : Fagiano striker somehow managed to miss from a few yards out after mistake by defence (Miyaji?)

65 mins : Kamiyama makes a good save from a free header about 5m out, rebound is headed in but awarded as off-side.

85 mins : Suzuki Jun hits a good shot from well outside the area. Hit the top of the cross-bar and sails into the crowd.

90 mins : Genki buts in from the left and hits the near post. The ball rebounds to Yutaka who misses from 1m with a diving header.

Player ratings

Kamiyama : 7. Didn’t have much to do, but came out strongly for a couple of crosses, and made one important save.

Nakajima : 7. Did ok in defence and attack, but didn’t attack as much as he can do.

Yamagata : 7. Was totally unprotected on his wing, but did ok.

Daiki : 6. Was solid for most of the game, but the 2 big chances for Fagiano should have cost the game.

Miyaji : 5. Having to play as centre-back for Makoto, he looks much better at full-back.

Suzuki : 6. Kept coming inside to play a central role. Avispa played with no-one on the right for much of the game.

Sueyoshi : 8. My Man of the Match. Didn’t deserve to lose this game. Was running all game, tackling back and providing something in attack. The one positive out of this game.

Kudo : 6. Playing in an uncomfortable central midfield position. The one thing he can still do well is cross, but playing here he cannot do that.

Genki : 8. Had an excellent 20 minutes at the start of the 2nd half were he was unplayable. Looked most likely to score and nearly did in the last minute.

Jogo : 7. Did ok, and certainly looked closer to match fitness than Jumbo despite it being his first start in months.

Jumbo : 3. Terrible. I’m going to write about him specifically later in the week. The team cannot get promotion if he keeps starting.

Takahashi : 7. On for Jumbo. The team could play higher up the pitch thanks to his energy in the final 3rd. Win more headers than Jumbo despite being 170cm.

Hideya : 5. On for Jogo. Had just been dropped, and was coming on when people were tired but still didn’t look like running.

Yusuke : 6. On for Kudo. Didn’t get the ball enough to do much. Did pressure defenders into mistakes, but needs the ball played in front of him to be effective.

Half-time entertainment



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