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My optimism about getting an easy win to start the 2nd half of the season was misplaced.

I had to work all weekend so couldn’t watch the game, but was really disappointed to see that having played really well and beaten some tough opposition before the World Cup, the team have come back and been beaten by the club at the bottom of the table who had previously only won 2 games all season.

I don’t know if the team were too confident after being J2’s in-form club before the break, and perhaps this will be a wake-up call to put in some hard work for the rest of the season. I will find out more at the weekend when I can watch them play at Level 5 again.

Avispa were playing with what is pretty much their strongest team, with Nakajima back at left-back, but conceded a penalty just before half-time which Thespa scored to take the lead. This seems to have come after a foul by Daiki.

Avispa then scored an equalising goal from what is their main source of attack now; Nakamachi arriving late in the box to head in a corner. It looks like his best header so far, somehow managing to dive onto it, but stay on his feet having got almost horizontal.

Following the game by text on my phone I was hoping that with 14 minutes left to play Avispa could use the momentum to snatch a late victory, but unfortunately the opposite happened with a Thespa defender scoring from a left wing cross in the last minute of the game.


Posted July 22, 2010 by avispafukuoka in Match highlights

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