vs. Oita Trinita (youtube)   3 comments

I’ve found the Avispa goals as usual, and have been sent great footage of Kamiyama’s save by karaage in the comments section.


Okubo getting the penaly and then scoring it.


Posted June 14, 2010 by avispafukuoka in Match highlights

3 responses to “vs. Oita Trinita (youtube)

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  1. Ok, i won’t blame you for your question, because you are new 🙂

    Jogo is a really good CM/DFM player and a regular starter at Avispa in the last season. Back in 2006, when Avispa was in J1, he really shine with 25 games and 4 goals at the age of 20.
    In the last season, Jogo was great again, but the injury he suffered at Emperor’s Cup-game against Ehime in october and stopped him till now.

    Now we’ll see, how can he come back. It will be hard, because Sueyoshi is a really good player now and learned quick.
    If Jogo had not suffer the injury, Sueyoshi would be just on bench i think.

    My Jogo-Highlight in 2009

  2. Hi!
    kamiyama’s save in extra time.(private vid)

  3. Thanks for the Kamiyama save video. I really wanted to see that again, and now that I have it is even better than I remembered.

    It is as good as any save I’ve seen in a few years.

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