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Avispa Fukuoka 2 : 1 Oita Trinita

5 : GOAL. Oita Trinita score in front of their fans with a headed goal from a corner. Earlier warnings about the speed of their counter-attack hadn’t been heeded.

18: GOAL. Avispa equaliser as Nakamachi is left unmarked at a corner to head in an excellent Kudo cross from a corner.

55: Kamiyama gets a hand on a sharp volley hit from outside the area to tip it onto the post and make a very good save.

60: Yusuke comes on for Okamoto and immediately starts to scare the Oita team and give energy boost to team-mates.

87: GOAL. Okubo holds the ball up in the box and gets hacked down by 1 of 3 defenders trying to harry him.
Stands up to take the penalty himself and gets very lucky as it squirms under the keeper.


Kamiyama – 9. Still needs to practice coming off his line to command area at crosses, but showed excellent shot-stopping to make 2 world-class saves and get all 3 points for Avispa.

Miyaji – 7. Playing at left-back in place of Nakajima again and did ok. Beaten for pace by a very good Korean a couple of times, but overall good.

Yamagata – 7. Caught up field for a late counter after possibly being fouled. Generally good.

Daiki – 7. Had a difficult afternoon against 2 very powerful strikers, but managed to control them for most of the game.

Tanaka – 8. Made a couple of key interceptions with his excellent positioning. Cleared the ball well rather than sit on it for too long.

Kudo – 8. Still has excellent crossing ability, and did a good 70 minutes of running today. Would love to have a version of him 10 years younger.

Nagasato – 8. Worked some excellent triangles with Nakamachi, and looks to be working up a very good understanding.

Nakamachi – 9. Man of the Match. Is starting to add some strong tackling to his game to become an all-action midfielder. Another excellent header for the goal. Almost never gave the ball away.

Sueyoshi – 7. A couple of long shots, and helped to edge midfield. I’d love to see him putting in some big tackles against technical oposition.

Okubo – 6. Did a couple of very nice knock-downs, but seems to be struggling with timing at the moment. Won and scored the winning goal quite fortuitously.

Okamoto – 6. Made some good runs, but never really threatened goal. Made an opportunity and should have crossed for Genki to tap in but took a difficult shot.


Tanaka – 7. On for Okamoto. Has real pace and scared the defence and goalkeeper.

Suzuki – 6. On for Kudo. Got bossed around a bit after he came on. tried to tackle hard for derby, but it is not his natural game.


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