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I missed watching the game by heading down to the beach instead, but came home to find that my prediction had come true with Avispa getting a 2-1 win, with Okubo managing to get a winning goal.

The win takes Avispa to 4th in the table, the top ranked Kyushu club, and within a couple of wins of being in the automatic promotion spots.

Avispa had another good start to the game as Hideya controlled a ball well in the middle before playing a great pass out to Genki who placed a perfect shot across the keeper into the far corner.

Tochigi managed an equaliser, apparently a headed goal from a free kick (I haven’t yet found it on youtube) which is a worry as we seem to be conceding a lot of goals from headers at set pieces.

In the 54th minute Okubo bundled the ball in to score the winning goal after a very nice piece of skill by Okamoto (thanks Ben) to chest the ball into his path within the penalty box.

Next week we have another Kyushu derby at Level 5 stadium as Oita Trinita come visiting.


Posted June 6, 2010 by avispafukuoka in Match highlights

5 responses to “vs. Tochigi (youtube)

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  1. Okamoto gave the “pass” to Okubo’s 1:2 (nikkansports say)

    • Thanks, was hard to see from the clip and the Avispa site didn’t seem to say.

      I wasn’t sure if it was Nakamachi as I also thought he does the cross.

      Okamoto had a good game then. I’d like to see them start a game with Okamoto and Takahashi/Oyama.

  2. Takahashi seems to lost his goal-instinct…
    He is a hard worker, but he work for the team most of time like last year and isn’t the goalgetter like at Kumamoto-days.
    Oyama seemed pretty good in his games so far. Really active with good agility, but i still would go with Jumbo, even when he got a hard time at the moment. I hope his goal yesterday was his breakthrough!
    I personaly would like to see more of Yoshihara.

    • I agree that it would be nice to have a big man-small man combination, but the lack of energy from Okubo drives me crazy.

      With most of the goals being scored from midfield at the moment I just think that two busy strikers would stretch opposition defence more.

      I shouldn’t be complaining with their current form!

  3. Haha yes, never change a winning team 😉
    We should Oyama take more and more into the team. He got talent, but i think Shinoda gave him not the playing time that he deserve.
    Oyama could also play on Yusuke/Kudo’s position. He played along the site against Toyama and i think he did really well, also because of his assist against Toyama.
    For some reason i don’t think that Takahashi will play another season at Fukuoka, so maybe Oyama could be a backup for Okamoto.
    Shinoda should try Okamoto-Oyama this season. Maybe when we are in a 3:0-lead or in a not so important game. I think they would do pretty well.

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