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Key events:

4 minutes : Nakajima hits the far post after a powerful free-kick. Possibly a good save by the keeper.

22: GOAL. Corner from Kudo. Nakamachi scores with a header but the goal isn’t immediately given after being cleared from behind the line. Referee eventually gives the goal after Avispa seem to score again.

44: Avispa lucky to keep the lead after good cross is headed just wide.

48: Yamagata hits both posts with a shot from the edge of the area. The rebound is just missed by Okamoto.

54: Penalty is given after Tanaka is judged to have pulled back the striker running into the middle of the box. Kamiyama makes a good save after diving the correct way.

Player Ratings

Kamiyama – 8. Little to do for much of the game, but made the very important penalty save.

Yamagata – 7. Defended well and got forward when he needed to. deserves to stay in first team ahead of Miyaji.

Nakajima – 7. Hit the post early with a good free-kick. Gave a chance in attack after trying his trick for winning a free-kick and not being given it.

Daiki – 9. Totally solid in defence and useful in attack. My Man of the Match.

Tanaka – 8. Totally solid at the back again. Had one good chance with a header at a corner. Unlucky to give away penalty.

Kudo – 7. Very good delivery at corners. Gets tired towards end of games.

Sueyoshi – 8. At times he controlled midfield and let the more attacking players be a big threat for most of the first half.

Nakamachi – 9. Scored the important goal again. Starting to be able to hold and control midfield at a higher level on the pitch. Avispa need to worry he might be scouted by a bigger club.

Nagasato – 7. Seemed to get injured a few times but carried on.Had one very good chance which he crossed when in a better position to shoot.

Okubo – 7. A better performance, and did some nice passes and one very good interception. Still needs to show more running.

Okamoto – 7. Worked hard in attack, but never really looked like scoring.


Miyaji – 6. Playing at left-back he took a while to get organised, but did get better.

Suzuki – 8. Played well when hecame on and retained the ball well. Good creativity and hit a free-kick on target.

Oyama – 7. Only played for a short time but I like this guy. He runs a lot and helps the midfield by hurrying the opposition. Hideya and Oyama would make defences run.


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