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Key events:

13 minutes – Okamoto tried to pass the ball into goal after getting a lucky ricochet in the box.

45 + 1 – Long shot by Giravanz #8 flew across goal and just missed far post.

58 – Genki had shot saved by keeper with no strikers in the box to knock home an easy rebound.

72 – Missed tackle by Giravanz defender. Nakamacho fed Takahashi who had a good shot saved for a corner.

83 – Nearly an own goal as Giravanz defender headed straight back to his goalkeeper, by luck rather than design.

90 + 1 – GOAL. Cross by Suzuki into the box hits the first defender. Jumping to reach the ball it skimmed off the top of his head and ballooned into the far corner of the goal.

Player ratings

Kamiyama – 7. Apart from 1 mis-kick he made no mistakes and came off his line.

Yamagata – 7. Miyaji would be disappointed to go to the bench, but Yamagata played well and brings more in attack.

Nakajima – 7. Solid in defence, attracts foul cleverly when being chased by strikers.

Daiki – 8. Solid. Throws himself at headers from set pieces in a way I wish Okubo would.

Tanaka – 7. Did his job with little fuss.

Kudo – 7. Better in attack than previous weeks. Made the first chance for Okamoto with his head.

Nagasato – 7. Avispa’s biggest attacking threat still, but didn’t like the rain much and lost heart towards the end.

Nakamachi – 8. Man of the Match. Midfield actually held the ball in this game and he was always offering an option in attack.

Sueyoshi – 7. A better defensive midfield performance. Sat in front of the defence and made some important tackles.

Okubo – 4. His one key skill is his height. He needs to run more, and throw himself at everything crossed into the area. Terrible passing.

Okamoto – 6. Got into some positions but was missing a strong finish on 2 or 3 occasions.


Takahashi – 7. On for Okamoto. Showed willingness to run and had a good shot at goal.

Suzuki – 6. On for Kudo. Put the cross in for the lucky goal, but did little else.

Miyaji – 6. On for Yamagata. Only on for a couple of minutes.


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