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See earlier post for full match report.

Key events.
10 Minutes : Referee is conned into a free-kick after Genki uses his strength to push onto the ball. Crossed into the middle where Ogura headed home from about 2m out with no challenge from defenders or goalkeeper. 0-1.

26 minutes : Daiki hits the bar after a corner is spread back out to the wing after confusion in the box.

50 minutes : Penalty appeal turned down after Okubo is elbowed in the head by Yokohama #20.

61 minutes : Weak appeal for a penalty by Avispa turned down.

75 minutes : Poor free-kick from Sueyoshi hits wall and balloons up into the penalty box. Daiki challenges the keeper and 2 defenders with the ball hitting the bar and rebounding to Tanaka. Tanaka calmly heads ball into unguarded net from tight angle. 1 – 1.

83 minutes : Pressure from Takahashi leads to a throw-in which is allowed to bounce in the box. Bounces over #20 and is slipped under the keeper by Genki. 2 – 1.


Kamiyama – 6. Refused to come off his line in the first half. Did better in the second, including one good diving save, but needs work on crossing.

Nakajima – 8. Still being used as an option in attack, and can do this while still defending. A lot of the crowd seem to think he isn’t trying, i think he is one of the only ones who does sometimes.

Miyaji – 7. Struggled with winger in first half, but mostly solid and came forward when a goal was needed.

Daiki – 9. Made some really important blocks in defence, and hit the bar twice, leading to the first goal.

Tanaka – 9. Solid at the back, and very composed to take his goal. Won some rice as Official Man of the Match.

Kudo – 7. Did better defensively than he did in attack. Still not much coming from the right.

Sueyasu – 6. Seems to be the more defensive minded midfielder, but needs to be providing more of a defensive shield if he is.

Nakamachi – 8. Gets forward to support the strikers, and is sometimes the only player in the box. Good willingness to shoot.

Genki – 10. My Man of the Match. A threat throughout the match. Is able to beat his defender, and did it over and over again in the second half. Drifts into the middle, and scored the vital goal.

Okubo – 6. Started running a bit when Avispa were totally on top, but still doesn’t hold the ball up well enough for someone his size when that seems to be his only job.

Okamoto – 6. Less effective than last week. Tries hard, and was even coming back to help in defence when the midfield should have been.


Suzuki – 7. On for Kudo. Showed some good touch, but needs to be more dynamic to be in the first team.

Takahashi – 8. On for Okamoto. Showed real energy and hassled the defenders throughout to help fuel the fight back.

Yamaguchi – 7. On for Miyaji. Didn’t make any mistakes in few minutes on pitch.


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